Date: 22nd July 2009 at 1:10pm
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Our latest poll, suggested by Eltoro, asks:

Now that Laursen and Barry have both left, do you think this is MON’s last chance in the transfer market, or would you prefer a manager with more flair in the transfer market, and before you get all upset this is a poll, not me calling for him to be sacked but with that being ever so slightly too long, I’ve narrowed it down to ‘is this MON’s last chance in the transfer market’.

Must admit, I’d have liked to have avoided this totally as the war or words can be quite bitter about managers and this sort of thing brings the accusation of negativity etc, but hey, it has been suggested and is a talking point I guess. I’d think more so at the end of the season IF we’ve not pushed on but lets see how it goes!

I for one expect him to get at least the full season, taking him to four in total and then I’m sure the club, the owners, the board and the manager… as well as the fans, will all have a clearer picture of just how far we are pushing on. The consolidation is done and dusted, there must be more to follow and I’m quite sure everyone from the tea lady upwards is fully aware of that fact.

(What I’m saying is if you are going to discuss this, keep it civil!)

Gulp… here we go!