Date: 2nd January 2019 at 1:08pm
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Villan57 wrote in our forum match thread:

Two more points thrown away with sloppy lacklustre play, QPR offered nothing came for a point and somehow got it. Here’s my player rating or slatings more like.

Steer: 6 He made one good stop and picked the ball out of the net twice, felt sorry for him today did nothing wrong.

Bree: 6 I thought he did ok better than Elmo anyway.

Elphick: 6 He did ok, better than Chester today, not hard I know!

Chester: 5 I can still see him treading water for their second goal, slower than a snail.

Hutton: 4 Awful Leftback looked like the proverbial fish out of water.

Albert: 6 I thought he was doing ok but obviously Dean didn’t and subbed him.

Hourihane: 4 Not a defensive midfielder is he despite Deans attempts to make him one. Arrived just too late for both their goals.

Barney:4 He’s morphed back into the player that first arrived.

SJM: 6 trying to carry the midfield single-handedly, ran his furry bits off today.

Kodjia: 5 Tried but tried to do too much as per normal subbed.

Tammy:7 Scores goals given the chances, needs to learn to hold the ball up better. If he does that we won’t be able to keep him.


Bolasie: 4 awful, give me Albert anytime, really needs some timeout.

El Ghazi: 5 Hit and miss is the best way to describe him again.

Whelan: 5 Not on long.


Smith:6 Did what many wanted and changed things but ended up with his normal crew at the end. Players reverted to Bruce ball when the going got tough.

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