Date: 2nd January 2019 at 1:08pm
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Villan57 wrote in our forum match thread:

Two more points thrown away with sloppy lacklustre play, QPR offered nothing came for a point and somehow got it. Here’s my player rating or slatings more like.

Steer: 6 He made one good stop and picked the ball out of the net twice, felt sorry for him today did nothing wrong.

Bree: 6 I thought he did ok better than Elmo anyway.

Elphick: 6 He did ok, better than Chester today, not hard I know!

Chester: 5 I can still see him treading water for their second goal, slower than a snail.

Hutton: 4 Awful Leftback looked like the proverbial fish out of water.

Albert: 6 I thought he was doing ok but obviously Dean didn’t and subbed him.

Hourihane: 4 Not a defensive midfielder is he despite Deans attempts to make him one. Arrived just too late for both their goals.

Barney:4 He’s morphed back into the player that first arrived.

SJM: 6 trying to carry the midfield single-handedly, ran his furry bits off today.

Kodjia: 5 Tried but tried to do too much as per normal subbed.

Tammy:7 Scores goals given the chances, needs to learn to hold the ball up better. If he does that we won’t be able to keep him.


Bolasie: 4 awful, give me Albert anytime, really needs some timeout.

El Ghazi: 5 Hit and miss is the best way to describe him again.

Whelan: 5 Not on long.


Smith:6 Did what many wanted and changed things but ended up with his normal crew at the end. Players reverted to Bruce ball when the going got tough.


19 Replies to “QPR Offered Nothing And Still Managed To Get A Point (And A Prize For Amateur Dramatics Probably)”

  • A 25 yard screamer and a superb counter attack for the second. But Qpr offered nothing? Kodjia should of been sent off and if you’re worrying about time wasting then you’re worrying about the Wrong things. Aston Villa fans are utterly deluded.

    • Sent off? For barely touching the keeper in an unfortunate incident where he was fully entitled to go for the ball, just unfortunate it led to a cut.

      The level of time wasting by Rangers was ridiculous

      To show some balance, 2 good goals from QPR

      And Villa did not play well

      But QPR did little of note other than 2 good goals against what was a very shaky defence

    • You are right! Always thought the impact of Grealish & Terry led to Villa becoming whingers but the awful injury to Lumley by Kodjia was greeted by derision as he was treated. Whinging obviously runs deeper than the side! For what it is worth, I felt both teams went 100% for a win until HT and FT loomed; and QPR’s slowing down of the game was something learnt from other teams – like Villa! A draw was a fair result for a great battle so stop whinging!!

      • Mate, well done for getting the point but I wouldn’t be happy with the type of anti football that McClaren serves up.

        We were moaning because of 13 minutes of delay in the 2nd half. If the injury was bad he should have gone off and been subbed. Your physio was several times asked to leave the field by a very weak ref and he didn’t.

        I have often seen The Villa crowd be hushed and respectful for bad injuries. On this occasion, I was behind the goal, it looked like a nothing incident, the keeper got up and looked fine before going down for many minutes. I like most round me thought it was time wasting and he was putting it on as that’s how it looked. It turned out to be worse than that which was a shame but as he carried on playing it was reasonable for us to think there wasn’t much wrong.

        Anyway, no point in creating a bullshit rivalry where none exists so good luck QPR and I hope you go back to playing more QPR like football in the future

  • Cheers for the 4 points this year, oh and the 3-1 at yours also last year. Pretty good going consider we offer nothing. Villa big club? Ha.

  • Yes 4 points. Dean Smith was a manager i respected at Brentford but since he has been at Villa he has been wingeing about everything. at LR It was about the rough treatment of his star player. Yes one tackle was poor. But then yesterday described qpr as anti-football. I have not seen the challenge on the goalie on highlights but your manager is under pressure and i wonder whether he is up to the job. QPR with a small budget (at last) are trying to be organised but still managed to create 2 goals. Yes Adomah is a player i like but Villa must look at themselves. Abraham looked good from what i see but no doubt QPR desired the point more than Villa desired the 3 points. When a goalie gets injured you have to be sure he is ok. so time wasting??? Compared with many teams i have not seen QPR players laying down injured. So obviously Villa need some work but beware of the lurking threat of FFP and get in players who care!!!! I know that win draw or lose those guys i see at loftus road do care

  • Offered nothing? Well since you dropped 2 points against us – what were you offering? – apart from whinge after whinge. Sour grapes from bitter fan/s with a Christmas hang over me thinks. Without Abraham ( a Chelsea loanee) Villa looked very mediocre, hence my prediction of following Brentford down the table.

  • QPR played a clever game against a tough opposition, frankly without Tammy you’d never have a chance on goal. You were lucky to escape with a draw. Up the R’ss

  • I watched the whole 110 minutes again this morning and timed how much time each rangers free kick, throw in, goal kick, substitution and goal celebration. Without the 6 minutes for Lumley’s incident it came to the grand total of 2 minutes 36 seconds. Dean Smith makes me laugh. He can admit that his teams play poorly.

  • Villa had 100 mins to win this game & could not manage it 2 of the best goals seen at villa park from a visiting team pure teamwork & they offered nothing ,villa fans are deluded,& you need to get the management sorted again Smith & Terry rid of ASAP,get rid of whinger Grealish & get players on the pitch who care more about the club than their looks a total tosser.

  • Well said lads, its about time Villa fans learned some manners (after recognising a good team when they see one).

    • How any of you were happy with a point and anti-football is beyond me, paying fans shown complete disrespect, time wasting for what felt like 3 quarters of the whole match haha, put me off watching any future qpr matches thats for sure, can’t believe the applause from qpr fans, simple minded tribalism than actually being a fan of the sport itself, embarrassing.

  • And this seasons Amateur Dramatics Prize goes to…………………………………………………………………………………………………Aston Villas Jack Grealish,for his performance throught the entire 90+5mins v QPR.FC @ Loftus Rd. Dive after Dive

    • Now this really is BS. You kicked Grealish off the park. Undesirable because he’s very difficult to take the ball off but to pretend he wasn’t booted all over is nonsense

  • I think Dean Smith is still upset about when Brentford were 2-0 up in injury time at Loftus Road and we still equalised!! Yes Grealish got caught by one bad tackle at LR. But Eze gets chopped down all the time. He just gets up and gets on with it. The problem with some star players is that they all think they are Cristiano Ronaldo. Have seen a few good teams at LR an Hull and Norwich are 2 who bust a gut and deserve good results. But I sense that Dean Smith is under a lot of pressure and he knows there are better organised teams in this brutal division.

  • Without Grealish we just don’t tick and it shows. QPR put in a competent and professional performance and looked the better side for an hour. The body language of the players suggests that there are off field issues. Good crowd yesterday but I can see it again falling by at least 10k if things don’t improve soon.

    Smith and Terry are not the answer.

  • Villa are run of the mill championship side with a loaner centre forward,mid table finish at will not win anything with Smith in charge the success at Brentford was down to the board buying the players on good stats.

  • Until we got our goal and sat back, QPR did nothing. We then were ridiculous not going for the jugular. The time wasting by the hoops was embarrassing, I can’t believe the real fans (who travelled) are happy with that shite, fair enough the last 5 to 10 mins of a game, but this was at the end of the first half.. And maybe fair enough when winning, but time wasting when drawing? Laughable.

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