Date: 6th June 2007 at 12:16pm
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The Birmingham Mail have quotes from West Ham United skipper and Villa target Nigel Reo-Coker’s agent Tony Finnegan.

Apparently the player, much like the Flumps (you have to be a certain age) is ‘over the moon’ (or in Flumps language, over the moooooon) in Villa’s interest.

The report says Villa haven’t officially bid yet, his agent said of Reo-Coker, who scored for the England U21’s last night:

‘West Ham have just released the news and put that out and I’ve spoken to Nigel. I have no idea whether they will accept it, but I think it’s a brilliant bid. But only West Ham can decide because they are the selling club. Nigel is over the moon to be linked with Martin O’Neill and a club of that calibre and size.

Confusingly he then says, ‘I’m just happy a bid has been put in by a massive club.’ Thought not bid was in yet according to the Mail?

He added on the players treatment by the Hammers: ‘It’s not fair the way he has been handled, but life and football aren’t fair. I’m over the moon and happy he is moving to a club going forwards with a manager who wants him.’

Watch this space I guess!

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45 Replies to “Reo-Coker ‘Over The Moon’ With Villa”

  • In the shirt on the Pitch!!!!

    Although very promising, I think with a new lease of life we could be getting a very good player

  • From what I hear we can’t expect an imminent decison as he’s involved with the U21’s? Also The Bellamy saga won’t be resolved until July 1st due to loyalty clauses and the end of the Spanish season. It’s a frustrating business. I like to hear of sightings at VP & stuff like that. It’s probably all done over the net now!

  • The opening offer is never accepted, but you have to say where the hell these newspapaers get thier sources, as they quote themselves in the same article “Villa are maintaining their normal stance of refusing to comment on transfer speculation!”. Anyone seen any baby Bentleys near the Holte Hotel?

  • i have the flumps theme tune in my head now!
    da da, dada, dadaa da daaa, dada, dada, dadaa,dadaaa!!

  • Come on, let’s all sing along with bobbyfett, “The flumps, the flumps, dadaa da daa. The flumps, the flumps, dadaa da daa. Da da da da da da daaaaaa” We are soooooooo musical on this sight :o)

  • No one rocked like Jamie and the Magic Torch.. always thought Mr Ben was a bit of a weirdo, though.

  • I love NRC agent! “I’m just happy a bid has been put in by a massive club.” coolio

  • tarzan and christo, you believe to much of what you read in the press. The press is controlled by editors (who want sales), agents (who have a vested interest) and shysters who are working to their own agenda. If the press told me the Pope was a Catholic I would have difficulty believing it. Bearvill has it about right – in the shirt, on the pitch.

  • VOTH – I know this is the scenario, just trying generate a bit of banter & fun. Can’t believe some of the rubbish reported recently e.g. The Koumas “link” – from Koumas & his agent! Koumas has now gone on holiday to before deciding whether he will join us – right

  • Make no mistake, Barton, Parker or NRC – MON has targetted the man he wanted. It is great to see that NRC is excited about joining us, even if it doesn’t happen.

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