Date: 20th June 2009 at 10:50am
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Well, to be honest, I could have just re-published Friday’s Aston Villa Press Transfer Talk, it might be different papers but the rumours are for the same links today!

Danny Fullbrook of the Daily Star is repeating the link for Ashley Young to Barcelona who will apparently bid around £25million for our winger who we bought for £12million from Watford. They apparently tracked him last season and are now going to put in a bid.

Danny also says that they might use former Arsenal midfielder Alexander Hleb who has been linked with Villa already this summer… I say summer … I mean dull grey wet season obviously.

They have a Spanish source (goes with the tapas I guess?) who says Young impressed last year and is ‘a player that Guardiola likes. ‘He has been following him for a while and we hope that he will want to come to a club as big as Barca and move to Spain.’ He also confirms there has been no contact yet but they are looking at following up their plans.

I had it from a top source yesterday that Ash IS NOT FOR SALE. I suppose every player has a price and players do hold the balance of power but Villa did show last year with Gareth Barry and the summer long saga with Liverpool that they don’t capitulate under pressure.

Once again there is a report saying that Wigan defender / midfielder Paul Scharner has rejected a move to Villa because the 29-year-old wants to play in midfield and Villa wanted him in defence. His agent Valenin Hobel told the Birmingham Mail that Fulham are winning the race adding, ‘Aston Villa wanted him as a defender and that is why they are no longer an option.’

The Daily Mail have details of the brochure that Michael Owen sent out to selected clubs. The battle rages on in our forum as to whether he should be brought to Villa Park or not with 34 pages already filled… have a look! Click Here

Ian Murtagh of the Daily Star returns to the David Wheater link and the red top … that is the paper not the reporter you understand… says Villa are set to bid £8million for the Boro and England U21 defender. The report also repeats the claim that we are prepared to use Marlon Harewood as part of the deal but Boro don’t want him!

Meanwhile the Northern Echo says Villa will bid £7million for Wheater… now that is what I call deflation!

NOOOOOoooooooooooo… takes a deep breath…. NOOooooooooooo! The Daily Express claim that Villa are keeping a watching brief on the Sol Campbell situation as reports claim the 34-year-old might be forced out of Portsmouth due to his high wages. I don’t believe this one for a minute…gulp!

There was a rumour about Reading striker Kevin Doyle yesterday: Click Here but the link has had a bit of cold water poured on it today from a very good source who has contacts at Reading and Villa.

There is also an internet rumour from facebook of all places linking us to Kyle Naughton but come on, we’ve got to draw the line somewhere! My mates dog was talking to Martin O’Neill’s cat the other day and the cat reckons Villa are in talks with Ruud van Nistelrooy!


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  • the owen article is really interesting. i still cant make my mind up on him. its not my money so i guess i would go for it.

  • Young bought for £12mill? I thought it was £9.5, Milner was the £12 mill player.

  • Olof ‘bearded legend’ Mellberg has signed for Olympiakos in Greece, according to some reports…a shame we didn’t try to put a cheeky bid for him 🙁

  • no, although melberg was a legend, im glad we didnt opt to sign him, it would have ruined the great years in my opinion.

  • And by ‘great years’ you mean mid-table medicracy willow?! Just kidding, Olof was my favourite as my name suggests. These Ashley Young stories are starting to worry me. I’m not being funny, but if I was a player that knew Barcelona had bid for me, it’d be difficult not to have my head turned. However, hopefully Ash is sensible enough to realise that Villa under MON is the best place for him right now.

  • WOW – I’d bring Mellberg back in a second! We need experience in defense! If he’s fit, willing and hasn’t lost his touch with Juve I think a second stint at Villa would be AMAZING especially after losing Barry…. MON buy Dunne as well… I think Davies could be a very very good player given some help from players around him – Mellberg and Dunne in my eyes would be an ideal partner ship for the next 2-3 years with the introduction of Curtis and Cuellar for the years to follow…. I think defense is where villa fell down last season – although we didn’t put chances away towards the end of the season we leaked A LOT OF GOALS due to negligence (I think would be reduced greatly by the introduction of two experienced center halfs)…. Wheater would be a great buy too – obviously £8 million is way too much, but I’d be delighted if we spent £15million on all three together

  • I just don’t trust Dunne. The bloke scores at least 10 own goals a season, and seems to lack confidence when it counts. I wouldn’t say no to Olof, but his signing would fall into the ‘standing still’ category rather than pushing on…much as i love the bloke.

  • I would love us to sign Hleb, he is class, not sure he would join us though!!! Owen again still devided on the matter, if we get him for free and a Pay as you play contract then yea good deal. And he will score the goals when he is fit.

  • hleb has already stated he wants to fight for his place, if MON is has to let ashley go then it would be for hard cash-isn’t he worth 60million according to MON?

  • i dont really agree with the defence being the problem last year in terms of our two centre halves. Yes knight is known to go to sleep, not get tight enough and/or go walkabout, but I believe the main contributing factor to us leaking goals was in centre midfield. The two, petrov and barry did not work in tandem. The back four was left exposed as no midfielder would pick up the floating striker or the attacking midfielder. When I went to watch villa v chelsea I couldnt believe the amount of space Lampard was given! When we were defending corners or throw ins Lampard would simply walk away from our two midfielders into space and that was their out ball every time.
    Also what worried me was a lack of pace in the centre of midfield. When a player turned and ran at our defence petrov and barry couldnt tackle back causing one of our centre halves to break rank and create huge holes in our defence. I personally rate Cuellar and Davis, they will come good.
    Sorry for the long post!

  • I don’t like these Ashley stories at all! Hope they don’t unsettle him, so that when someone really comes in for him, he hasn’t already thought about it and just goes! If we still have him by August 31, that will be worth several signings! We know what we have with him, 50% of new signing tend not to have been worthwhile!

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