Date: 27th February 2006 at 5:32pm
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Vital Villa asked last week ‘who is the best Villa manager from the modern era?’

The results have amazed me!

44% say that John Gregory was the best with Ron Saunders coming second with 33%.

Both Ron Atkinson and my hero Brian ‘he who walks on water’ Little got just 7% and yet we played the most attractive and exciting football under them both! I remember in those days truly believing we could beat anyone on our day.

What mystifies me is that Graham Taylor only got 3% after the question stipulated ‘first time around’. So looks like – for some – the great things he did for Villa first time round has been blurred by his second spell at the club.

David O’Leary got just 6% and that was 6% too much in my opinion!! 😉

We will add a poll about our worst manager of the modern era in the next week or so.


14 Replies to “Shocking Manager Ratings!”

  • Bizarre poll results in my opinion but there again Iwould have had RS then BFR then BL then GT then JG…. maybe I am just getting old

  • I bet if all the people who voted has to raise their hand in public, rather than make an anonymous click the results would have been very different!

  • SHows how many good managers we’ve had doesnt it!!!

    WHy have we never pushed on and achieved something? Hmm

  • Open the poll again and ban posters from other clubs forums. I’m sure the result from villa fans only would be completely different.

  • Surely, surely, it has to be Ron Saunders. The others, although possessing different qualities, pale into significance compared to our League Championship winning boss.

  • Don’t think this is the sort of poll that many ‘away’ fans would have voted on Deano. I think a lot of fans on the net are slightly younger, so their main memory of winning is under the tenure of JG. Everyone knows what Saunders did for Villa, but I gue

  • It would be good if usernames were recorded when the votes were cast – then we could see a league of shame of those who voted for DOL!

  • The football under Gregory was dire , his last word before a game was ” clean sheet “. get one nil up and hang on… and the cup final…dont meantion the cup final!

  • The football under Gregory was dire.His last word before a game was ” clean sheet”, get one nil up and hang on.and the cup final…..dont meantion the cup final!

  • These polls are a complete nonsense. Example; Villas best ever foreign signing?!?! Where the hell is Mellberg?

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