Date: 12th September 2009 at 4:32pm
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Collin Tattum has an article in the Birmingham Mail with Blues director David Gold saying he still hasn’t had an apology from Villa director General Krulak.

For the love of Paul McGrath, get over it Gold, the ‘pigs in mud’ comments were what they were, move on you little man.

Gold said in the report ‘I had almost forgotten about this largely because the General has gone very quiet in the time since. You don’t really hear much from him now, do you?’

Well, if he took the time he’d know that GK is still very active, he talks with the fans on an almost daily basis on some of the main Villa sites and all that despite having been very ill since Christmas.

Gold says the ‘misunderstanding’ leaves a ‘bad taste’ and he’d like an apology… Hmmm. Just what you need before what is always an incendiary atmosphere anyway.

If I was Gold – perish the thought – I’d worry more about how many Blues fans they’ve driven away over the years, a couple of my mates are lapsed season ticket holders, they got bored of the lack of delivery from promises.

He says if GK is at the game ‘then he will get the opportunity. If he doesn’t then I’m a big boy, I will get on with my life. If I was his dad, I would suggest he goes up to the chairman and shakes his hand. ‘But I guess I don’t know what they teach you at General School when it comes to admitting if you are wrong.’

Well, he won’t be at the game, he’s not well enough to fly but he has more honour and dignity in his little toe and owes no one an apology!

Meanwhile some quotes from Vital Blues I do agree with. Let the battle be on the pitch.

Following the horrific death of Christopher Priest after the last game his sister has spoken on behalf of the family:

She said: ‘It is the responsibility of both Villa fans and Blues fans to make sure that there is no repeat of what happened last year.’

‘Supporters must think about their actions, no matter how strong the rivalry is.’

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