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Who has been your favourite player at Villa since you left and why? Not including Sid of course as you played with him. TuBBz

Not to sure I had a favourite player, but I did like watching Dean Saunders and Dwight Yorke. I remember playing with Dean when at Brighton and realised then that he could become a big player in the first division. I did recommend Dean to Graham Turner (Poor manager, one of Doug’s big mistakes) before he moved to Oxford for £60.000, for some reason he ignored my advice. Eventually Villa would pay a lot of money for Dean. Dean wasn’t just a good player, he was also a good guy to have around the club as well. Dwight reminded me of Brian Little, slight of frame, sharp around the box and clever off the ball.

Similar question to TuBBz but which Villa player since you left would you most liked to have played alongside? DudleyPhill

Two players come to mind, Paul Birch and Andy Townsend. Paul Birch was one of those unsung heroes producing consistent performances week after week. I liked Paul’s passing ability and his vision to pick out players with inch perfect accuracy. Andy gave balance to the midfield being a lefty. Knowledgeable about the game and once again a good passer of the ball.

What was your reaction when you first heard that the Ellis ‘reign’ was finally over. jonah

To be honest we all new his resignation was going to happen, and in my opinion twenty five years too late. I just felt pleased for the Villa fans at the time, now the club could move forward with new people at the helm. Because of Ellis’ reluctance to share the monetary load at Villa Park by bringing in more backers by selling his shares earlier, I feel he wasted a great opportunity to keep Villa up there with the big boys. One mans greed held the club back.

Dennis…… where do you yourself see Villa in 5 years time ? Also, would you take a little moment of your time on the day of the Sheffield United game for some photos with me and the Swindon and Wiltshire Villans Supporters Club ? We are trying to publicise our SC and would like some pictures to go on our website with you and some of the 82 side ? Any chance of helping us out mate ? Cheers

Over the next five years Villa will I believe qualify for European football on a regular basis through finishing in 5th,6th or 7th position, I’m not to sure whether any other clubs will overcome the top four
positions though. I believe they are capable of winning a trophy or two with Martin O’Neill. I’ve no idea what the plans are for Saturday, so I can’t promise anything.

Dennis, is it not time now for you to be more involved at the Villa. Experience is undervalued and I am sure you have some ideas that you could pass on. Now Ellis is gone it must be time for villa to utilise our past masters. Also what do you think of our latest signings. morky13villa

I believe the new regime at the club will embrace the past more than what Ellis did, but personally I believe I could get involved more on the corporate hospitality side of things, mixing with the supporters, spreading the word about Villa, helping to expand on the commercial side of the club.

Carew and Young have brought to the club experience (Carew) and a talent for the future (Young). They have both showed enough to suggest that next season should MON get his summer signings right, there is the making of good side.

Question for Dennis, have you got your boots handy….. j/k col8

Love that question, and yes I have always got my boots in the car, but you need a pair of legs to go in the boots to make them work!

Dennis, could you give us a players view of what was going on when Gidman and Gray had meetings with Ellis which led to the EGM which thankfully he lost. I guess you might not want to answer that on here but perhaps you should write a book on your great career. Erod

I remember that period and all I will say about the situation is the best man won which is backed up by winning the league and Euro cup, and when he returned (Ellis) look what happened! Writing a book is a good idea but unlike the likes of players who are still playing and have written books, I prefer to wait for when I believe my time in football is over.

Which of our current crop of youngsters do you think will be the most influential in years to come and do you think any of them will play at international level? Bearvill

I like Agbonlahor and Gardner. Agbonlahor has had a good season and don’t be surprised if he wins the player of the year trophy. Gardner is a tireless midfield operator who I believe with the correct coaching and mentoring could become an important player for MON. A player for the future, should he sign for Villa is a 16 year old named Nathan Delfouneso. Already an England Schoolboy international.

Have you seen the new training ground yet, if so what do you think of it? Great to know the team of 82 are also officially opening it, how times have changed eh? JP Fear

I haven’t seen the new building as yet, so being part of the official opening on Sunday is something I am looking forward to. I don’t think this would of happened under Ellis, so yes times have changed, but something else for you think about is this; ‘would the new training facility have been finished if Ellis was still Chairman?’ Top marks to the new regime for bringing everything alive again.

Are you happy with the 25th anniversary celebrations and what are you most looking forward to? JP Fear

Yes, I am happy with the programme to celebrate the 25 anniversary, What I am most looking forward to is having all the players back together again along with Roy Maclaren. We are also hoping that Ron will make an appearance at some stage.

I have two questions for Dennis Mortimer, linked in a way
1. The Final in Rotterdam, how much were you and the players still playing for Ron Saunders? No disrespect to the Memory of Tony Barton intended.
2. Had Ron Saunders stayed at Aston Villa, Do you personally think the foundations of a football dynasty had been partly laid? If yes, what are the reasons behind thinking Ron Saunders would have carried on with the success? col8

That team had been put together by Ron Saunders, Tony Barton played a part in that too, he was the man who did Ron’s scouting, so in some way it was Tony’s recommendations on players that also brought us all together. We didn’t make any kind of pact to go and win it for Ron after he left, but I always call it Ron’s team. Ron was good at putting good teams together, and the this one had the legs
to go on another couple of seasons and with Ron’s experience good players would of been bought in to continue the success. Villa fans would not be still waiting for league success had Ron stayed at the club, I believe he could of done what Alex Ferguson has done at Utd.

With thanks as ever to Dennis Mortimer for taking the time to do this

Interview with Villa director General Charles Krulak: Click Here


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  • Great interview from a top bloke, loved his answer to the Q “have you got your boots handy”? lol

  • What a great and honest interview from an intelligent well spoken gent and footballer. The responses from Sir Dennis further illustrate the blight this great Club has had over the past 25 years in the name of Doug. The man held the Club back over his tenure and totally dismissed the input from anyone but himself. The ambitions the staff and players had at Villa before the buffoon took charge are evident from the various interviews and press releases now coming out of Villa. The Club has been given a new lease of life and is now operating in the best interest of all, with a common goal to produce success on and off the pitch.

  • you can feel the passion, cheers Sir Dennis. think its too late for a comeback???

  • My eyes have seen the glory of the Villa win the cup. That famous night in Rotterdam when Morty held it up. Claret and blue ribbons on the European Cup. And the Villa go marching on on on. Glory glory Aston Villa. Glory glory Aston Villa. Glory glory Aston Villa and the3 Villa go marching ON ON ON ON ON. Sir Dennis you are a top man.

  • A true Villan. You can feel the hurt that Dennis has obviously felt over the years, knowing that a club that should have been consistently challenging for the games top honours, was inexcusably being allowed to stagnate and decline. The treatment that Dennis and the other members of our outstanding League Championship/European Cup winning squad were handed under the previous regime is unforgivable. A blight on this great clubs history.

  • Not sure some realise just how much he did over the years for Villa fans, even when he was ‘gagged’ at our first VFC meeting, he still turned up and his presence said a 1000 words.

  • Need people like him around to spread the winning attitude. Also just for the memories. Just last night some Spurs fan tried telling me they were a bigger club than us. Thanks to Dennis and the boys Iwas able to tell him to shut the chuff up.

  • I remember crying when Saunders resigned. Thankfully, I can still smile at all the memories. People may scoff the name Aston Villa but as far as I’m concerned it will out last religion! Thankyou Dennis – for all the memories – especially Aston Villa 5 Liverpool 1. The greatest of them all!

  • “”Had Ron stayed at the club, I believe he could of done what Alex Ferguson has done at Utd”” Dont you know it. Villa missed the boat when Ron Saunders departed. It had to be Aston Villa, the only club to force the man who won the Championship out of the club…. Could you see any other club doing the same thing.

  • Saunders gave us 7 great years, any of us who were there will never forget them and it is what, hopefully our new owners will give us again. Mortimer was a BIG part of that, we bandy the words villa legend around a lot on here, but that’s what Dennis is, one of the few real Villa legends. I just hope the club find a meaningful role for him in the future, what a great ambassador for the club he would make.

  • Mortimer is to us what Bobby Charlton was to Utd or Moore was to the ‘ammers. Thats how high Mortimer should be viewed – The original Bearded One. He was our captain when we could all still relate to footballers. Barry is in the same mould and now we have a chance to reverse the malaise that has been the last 25 years at Villa park. UP THE VILLA

  • Leftfoot bang on! 5-1 was a bit like the Germany game. Barry should grow a olaf Mortimer beard.

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