Date: 30th June 2009 at 9:01pm
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Sir Dennis of Mortimer has told the Birmingham Mail that Villa need up to five players in order to challenge next season.

The former Villa captain and European Cup winner said that Villa were still ‘woefully short’ last season despite spending money last summer and so it is obvious we need more depth, especially as we are once again in Europe.

He also says what a few fans have been wondering recently, whether Villa need to re-focus in order to bring some silverware to Villa Park?

‘A lot will depend on whether the manager sets his sights on the top four again with everything else going by the board. ‘A top-four finish and nothing else – the Champions League being what it’s all about. As for Villa fans, I would say winning the title wouldn’t be a bad aim. That’s what I would want as a fan. Other than that they’d want to see them winning some kind of trophy and that would mean playing your best team and getting some sort of consistency.’

He says, rightly in my humble opinion, ‘It is trophies that matter’ and says if we have not qualified for the Champions League but do pick up a trophy, then the season will be a success.

He also says just because some clubs like Manchester City are spending big it doesn’t guarantee them success but bringing in the right players does help!

‘And the one thing I can say about Martin O’Neill is that he will get the right players.’


6 Replies to “Sir Dennis Of Mortimer – Villa Need Trophies”

  • Totally agree with him, good to see an ex-player saying it like it is, too many of the former stars wheeled out on the website recently seem to be there for one purpose only to say how amazing O’Neill is, well half the fans remain unconvinced by him, its about time we had someone telling the truth. The club needs depth and needs to try to win silverware, coming 4th is going to be very tough, much tougher than winning the League Cup or even the FA Cup, so why run before we can walk? Lets go all out in the cups next season aim for our 3rd consecutive top6 finish and then in O’Neill’s 5th season we can push for a top4 spot. Have I just been positive? I think I need a lie down.

  • you must know by now throwing the cups is not a guarantee that we will have a better league campaign were you not one of the many slating oneil for doing that very thing last year? not the best idea if you ask me we want to compete on all fronts and we will

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