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“So Wait A Minute. You Hit A Rock In The Road And You Sack Your Manager? Really?”

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Interesting couple of videos by Hollywood voiceover star, and lifelong Aston Villa fan, Redd Pepper.

So wait a minute… You hit a rock in the road and you sack your manager?


Dean Smith, I mean, managers come and go, I appreciate that but sack the manager after doing three years splendid work for the club. You hit a rock in the road, one month, some bad results, some good results, it happens. Players lose their form, players lose their minds, it’s not how you fall down, it is how you get back up.

Sack the manager. How stupid? I’ve been following the Villa since 1975. I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous.

You sack the manager because we are going through a bad patch? Really? Jesus Christ. Good luck with that. Up the Villa.

He then does another video going into more details of his view.

Character, belief, romance, understanding, strength of mind. We had those things and we seem to have traded them in for three letters.




We want everything now, now, now, now, now.

Faith has gone.  Romance seems to have gone.  Loyalty is a stupid word to use in football, let’s keep it real, and nowadays it seems if someone is trying to build something and they lose their footing, instead of trying to grab them and pull them up out of that rut, ‘oh hell man, he’s rubbish.”

And on he goes.

Interesting points and true passion, thought I’d share.

You can follow more in the Dean Smith thread and the who next after Dean Smithin the forum.

I do think that it wasn’t just this run of five defeats, we are the most beaten team in the Premier League through 2021, quite an alarming fall from the 2020 form and yes, I know, the season doesn’t run from Jan to Dec, or a calendar year if you prefer!

Quite a strange sacking this one though, no doubt at all, as I explained on Sky Sports News yesterday.

The Fear Sky Sports News Interview On Dean Smith And Who Next

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