Date: 12th September 2007 at 11:06am
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More good news following Stiliyan Petrov’s vow to not moan and to knuckle down, Villa’s number one has today said he will do the same.

Reports over the last week have suggested that Thomas Sorensen is looking to leave but the Danish international has rubbished these claims.

He told

‘These stories make me look like I’ve given up and I’m not willing to fight for my place. That’s rubbish. Basically I’ve not even been fit, so I couldn’t give the manager a decision to make. Now I am fit and I want to give the manager a selection problem. I’ve said all along to everyone at Aston Villa that I’m here to fight for my place. I’m well aware of the situation. Scott has done well, but I have to work hard and wait for my chance. That’s been the bottom-line’

Adding when the chance comes he’ll show just what he can do as the most important thing for him is to play first team football saying it is not his intention to leave in order to do that.

Adding, ‘I’ve got one year left on my deal and obviously if we get to next year and I’m still not playing, I would have to look at different alternatives. At the moment I’m fully committed to the club and I want to fight for my place. I want to push Scott all the way and that’s what I’m determined to do. Those quotes have been taken out of context because a story saying I want to leave is far better than a story that I’m ready to fight for my place.’

‘I was asked what might happen if I was out of the side for six or 12 months. I was then asked, as a high earner, how difficult it would be to leave the club if the circumstances came to that and I said that I would never put money before playing football. ‘From that people have said that I want to leave and I’m desperate to take a pay cut to get away. That’s definitely not the case and I’ll show people that I’m willing to stay and fight for my place.’

So the press whip it up during international week once again!


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  • Like i said in the previous thread, i was supprised that Tommy had done this as he isn’t the type of player that spouts off all the time, infact during his time at the club he’s never had a bad word to say. still think he’s not in the plans and will move on.

  • Even if he is willing to fight for his place, i wouldn’t pick him unless we got an injury to Carson so i stick by my comments that he can go…too many mistakes in his short Villa career and we’re are now building a team to go forwards and that starts from the GK.

    And AVFC48 i’m not a so called Villa fan i just want to see my team do well week in week out and I feel that Sorenson is not up to the quality that i now expect of AVFC!! UTV!

  • I wonder, JPF, if you understand why so many of us find avfc’s posts such a wind-up? In every thread, no matter what it is about, avfc simply has a pop at MON. This thread is about whether Sorensen said what he said, whether he really wants to leave, whether we should believe the press or whether TS is a whinger, yet avfc comes out with “Sorensen isn’t an O’Neill buy. Which in itself would suggest his chances of getting ahead of Carson are slim of course, despite what he says.” Why bring MON into this? Is avfc really that naive that he thinks that other managers don’t generally play ‘their’ men? How stupid would it be for a manager to pay good money for a player and then NOT play him? Why would any manager buy somebody he didn’t have full confidence in? What I would really like is for avfc48 to pin his true colours to the mast. Write an article about why MON should not be Villa manager, with at least one or two facts to back it up, and who we should realistically install in his place. Stop sniping and carping — come up with somebody better!

  • its a funny one son_of_cher, he seems to really split fans. I don’t think he has ever been a liability, he maybe isn’t quite as big a presence as he should be and doesn’t organise the defence brilliantly but he is a good keeper and pulls off some outstanding saves. Maybe he just needed to be more commanding to have become a great keeper?

  • Carson still has to convince, to prove that he’s better than Tommy, or indeed Stuart Taylor for that matter. Its very early days yet, way too early for either Tommy or Stuart to be throwing in the towel.

  • My point Fear and BTB referred to the slating Sorensen gets on here when an article from the Sun is posted, but little retraction is made when he puts up an article denying it on the official site, supposedly a much more reliable source.
    Nice of you to turn it into an avfc48 hates O’Neill and never says anything positive thread.
    Typical if I may say so of your agenda BTB, I make a simple observation re Sorensen and you see it as a dig against O’Neill, very strange.

    As to Sorensen, like many others before him, fans dislike has no relevance to his level of performance or the way he has performed for Villa in his time here.
    When you consider the likes of Petrov, cost upwards of 8 million and has done diddly squat in his near 13 months yet still keeps getting excused, by fans so keen to denigrate players like McCann, Hughes, Davies and now Sorensen !!
    I don’t often agree with VOTH but his last paragraph is very, as others are prone to say too quickly, spot on.

  • Sorry avfc48, but what is “Sorensen isn’t an O’Neill buy. Which in itself would suggest his chances of getting ahead of Carson are slim of course, despite what he says” if not another dig at O’Neill? Why include it at all – it didn’t add anything to what you were saying about Sorensen. I happen to agree with your point on that subject – football fans get far too steamed up about what they read in the press, most of which is absolute garbage. When you posted your ‘positive’ article recently I acknowledged that – I just think your constant sniping at MON is unnecessary and negative.

  • Tommy has been a model player whilst hes been with us good bloke good keeper, but we need a great keeper and Carson looks class.

  • I posted previously that Sorenson should stay at Villa an Injury to Carson and we are once again up the shyyty creek with no paddle….

  • 48 that is the nicest thing I have ever read. Pass me the tissues :o) It was just like two magnets, a positive and and a negative, joining together in perfect unison. You see, when the seagulls follow the trawler it is because they expect sardines to be thrown in to the sea.

  • RE: AVFC48s last post
    You have just said that other people have misread what you said and that you weren’t having a go and with the next breath you are having a go with the comments about Petrov (however true they may be, he is far better than McCann etc.) You are a hypocrit and a tw*t.

  • An about turn by TS in view of the somewhat bad publicity and supporters reaction I wonder? Knuckle down and prove yourself Tommy. All is not lost.

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