Date: 1st August 2006 at 12:35pm
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Steve Stride has confirmed that there will be no move for Kevin Phillips back to Sunderland despite press links.

Niall Quinn, now manager at Sunderland, has been linked to a move for his former strike partner, however Operations director Stride said:

‘The situation regarding players is quite simple. No decision can be made until the appointment of a new manager.’

So Portsmouth and Spurs can forget about Gareth Barry as well!


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  • That is as one would have thought. How could Villa sell one of our best players (Barry) before a new Manager (O’Neill hopefully) could have a say.

  • Dear Villa Diary: O’Neill appointed on Wednesday…Randy ties up the deal on Thursday…Ellis is escorted out of VP by the men in white coats on Friday…a 42000 claret & blue army watch Villa thrash Reading 5-0 three weeks on Wednesday…

  • What do the Villa directors do? They have not sold or signed any players, they havent got a new manager and they havent sold the club. There is no further work to observe on the training facilities and there is no planning to be done with the cash from se

  • O’Neil by himself is a long way short of a panacea for Villa’s woes… THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

  • can you make sone sense of this truth is out there stuff please Steve64k…what is the big conspiracy theory?

  • Well have you ever notice Hendrie’s skin colour – its orange – Ellis is a shape shifter and O’Dreary was a giant gardon nome… THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

  • At least Stride is speaking common sense for once, not a very regular habit of our boardroom members.

  • Any club that seels or buys players without a manager in charge would be stupid anyway. Hardley suprising that we have told Sunderland to wait. What’s the next headline gonna be? “Villa to be managerless until new manager appointed shocker!” ?

  • i know this has nowt to do with philips, but who scored against chasetown last night? all the web says about the game was laursens comeback (it’s like a new signing!)

  • Stride is absolutely right, it is farcical to buy or sell players before the appointment of a new manager. But by extension it seems farcical to appoint a manager if there is to be a new Chairman and Board of Directors – unless of course the outgoing and

  • I think the title of this article should be MEMBER OF VILLA BOARD CONFIRMED ALIVE SHOCKER…today it was confirmed that at least 1 member of the aston villa board is still alive after they emerged to break the infamous VP silence. Villa fans are the most

  • It was announced today that the Villa board have decided that they will have chocolate digestives with their coffee rather than hobnobs. The Board has decided to rename the biscuits ‘ Lovely Mr Ellis’ biscuits as a mark of respect. Then there was silence

  • DUring the pre season games we have all been chanting we want ellis out but he has never even looked at us the stubbern bastrd. why dont we do it for when he enters vp on match days 2?! Get a big crowd n tell him 2 F*ck off if he hasnt already by then!?

  • Central news are reporting a new bidder entering the race…..whispers say its a Mark Ansell led consortuim !!! – turn to central news now….

  • Central news are reporting a 2nd group of americans have been at villa park all day. Pictures of them walking around the ground.

    The bad news is that these latest bidders could delay the appointment of MON. and if Doug has been in discussions with thes

  • You really think Doug would sell to Ansell? And more to the point you really think the fans would let it happen! I still wanna know who Neville is representing.

  • no – when I heard the full article – it was a second group of americans….one of them did look familar…it was on central news …surprised no one seen it.

    lets hope it was learners reps – and lerner and MON could be installed at villa by friday…

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