Date: 24th October 2009 at 3:09pm
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A boring game with not many chances and maybe a draw was the right result but Wolves looked poor and i mean poor it just seemed as we hadn`t woken up. You can`t win them all!

The referee was terrible today as was the linesman with the dodgy beard! Both of them seemed to be completely biased towards wolves. An example is the corner wolves got in the 54/55th minute and it was quite clear to everyone else that it was a goal kick, apart from the man who was closest to the incident and who is trained to do this as his job.

The past couple of weeks there have been a number of comments made about referees, most notably those from Sir Alex who complained referees were not fit enough. Also we had the beach ball incident (even though it was great to see Liverpool lose) which should never have been allowed a referee who was well trained should no a simple rule such as if the ball hits an alien object on the field of play then play should resume with a drop ball. It`s not hard yet our incompetent referees have little knowledge about our game of football, they are now deciding the results of football matches. If it`s not letting play go on until united score at old Trafford its sending Wenger to stand to be abused by the Man Utd fans, its a joke! (I don`t even like Wenger it`s just proves my point).

Referees seem to always be a long distance a way from the ball, they make some terrible decisions yet the way they are trained is never changed, they maybe demoted to the championship for a game or two but then there allowed back to destroy a premier league game. Something needs to change referees can not be allowed to go on performing at the poorest levels.

The penalty today was the right decision, the only right decision in the game. Too many were wrong; if referees can`t even get throw in decisions right then there is no hope for the match changing incidents.

That`s my rant over with but surely a blind man could do a better job than some of these referees!