Date: 23rd June 2019 at 8:00pm
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With Aston Villa having an incredibly dark summer in 2018 as our failure to secure promotion to the Premier League via the Championship Play-Off Final came home to roost, when the takeover by Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens became our get out of jail free card, most fans still didn’t really know what to expect from our new ownership duo.

We knew they had money, when they did their round of interviews we knew they sounded sensible and as the weeks ticked by and we saw announcements of debts and charges being cleared, as well as off pitch changes at all levels of the club, we knew they had a clear plan that they were following.

But we’ve been here before on owners and there always has to be a healthy scepticism when it comes to the Emperor’s New Clothes approach to a takeover.

With them putting their money where their mouths are on a quiet, get on with the job approach and little fanfare or self adulation and promotion unlike a certain other character, they are definitely hitting the spot for the vast majority of fans in my mind.

We can judge them better this time next year as we’ll definitely know more about their ambitions and desires for the club, but for now, people are happy.


They did not become rich by being fools and nothing I have seen has changed that opinion. We are in VERY good hands.
Old Trinity Villan

The jury’s still out for me. If they are serious then Man City are the blueprint. Their owners came in and spent good money on good proven players like Adebayor, Barry, Bridge, Bellamy…we’re being linked to Brentford’s squad. This makes me worry they are happy to keep us a mid-table side to earn a bit of money rather than really going for it.

Nothing but positive. But will they pay the fine?
Stephen Jay Hawkings

Too early to say, although they appear to have good intentions from what we can see so far. If nothing else, they’ve managed to push Xia to the periphery which would seem to be a huge positive.

They saved what could of been a struggling time, brought in Smith and smiled with joy at Wembley.
Showed appreciation to the fans and held onto Jack, so great start.
Mark A South

Great to feel like we’re going to have a measured approach at last and not throw money around, getting ourselves back into financial difficulty. Good to know that we’ve got wealthy owners but I’d be very happy to see us use those resources more wisely than we have in the last decade!!!
Bristol Villan

What’s not to like? They have money, business sense, have appointed the right people and are staying well and truly out of the limelight. No Twitter nonsense for them. They are just quietly getting on with the job.

At last, two genuinely clever businessmen, who are worth what they say they are.

They appear to be in this for the long term with a plan to match. I’m cautiously optimistic. Cautious only because we have had our fingers burnt before.
Cheshire Villan

Not put a foot wrong and the owners we could have only dreamed of before. This was all written a long time ago IMO as I do believe in fate.

So far, so good. Edens is very well respected in the NBA as a forward thinking owner. Don’t know anything about Sariwis, but I’m optimistic that these two have the right ideas and the cash to back them up.

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