Date: 8th February 2007 at 2:07pm
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Martin O’Neill says that it is possible for other clubs to break into the top four despite the near stranglehold the current big boys Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have on the league. Bloody hell, I hope so, the league is becoming so boring, as are the cup competitions! Football is killing itself with predictability at the moment with only Everton being able to get a look in with the top four during the last three seasons.

O’Neill told the Daily Mail: ‘Look, it can be done. It’s not impossible. If we had that attitude, we might as well all give up. You have to think it out, though. Everton broke the mould one season, but didn’t sustain it, possibly because their squad was not big enough. I think Tottenham – forget the result last week – have put together a really decent squad. They so nearly got there last season. They went into their last game with a chance.’

‘The point you’re asking me is: can it be done on a consistent basis? But for us here, we need to do it once and then make sure we blooming do it again. We might have to box clever, be a wee bit cute about it. So might everyone else. Everton, Tottenham, Bolton, Portsmouth – we are all trying like mad. And it will happen.’

‘This year? I don’t know, but I believe one day soon.’



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  • Unfortunately with the likes of Liverpool also become a rich man’s fad, with pots of gold to spend it will become increasingly difficult for anyone. I guess he means by being a bit cute is that somebody will do a hit on Arsene Wenger, as he is the only person capable of keeping us up there with our limited budget.

  • What’s more Likely, I think, is that we’ll be talking about a ‘top-6’ again – six teams (Villa included) who’ll be going hammer and tongues.

  • Southaman is there no one on your own site with literary skills to compete with you? You are a very intelligent kinda child. That is why you are on the site of the worlds greatest football club. Thank you for the entertainment. Now go and ask your parent if you are allowed to send another message. To other users, see what happens when schools are snowed off for the day …… they come on here amusing the adults.

  • I find it rather ironic that he is concerned about catching whatever is making the_lergy “talk such pap”. What is the term about locking the stable door after the horse has bolted, and why is it so relevent?

  • Southaman, if you want banning from the whole network, keep posting here. The idea of the article comments is not to be a total knob and to just abuse other members. Grow up or feck orf, either way will suit me.

  • Someone I’ve deleted the comments of monkey, won’t put up with stupidity here, apart from my own obviously!

  • Good one voth! When refs start playing fair with their choices of penalties at manure and other favoured places, we might stand a chance. We have to start converting some of the super chances we have been making. Anything is possible. UTV.

  • Just a thought…. If lots of teams get taken over by very rich americans/russians , the premiership will become one of the most competitive leagues in the world . It wont be the same top four every year which i think will be fantastic ! Tv money will rise hence all these takeovers at the moment . This may be the reason why Randy will not rename Villa Park !

  • Positivity. Dont you just love it? We hear it from the owner himself, Mr Lerner, from MON, from the players (including one who has only just arrived here on loan), and from the very vast majority of the supporters. The feel-good factor is very much alive and well, living and breathing here at B6. Of course we can break into the top four, if not we’ll ensure they create the top five!!

  • Does anyone know if the winner of Carling Cup gets a UEFA cup place? (Arse & C’ski in CL). I take it that if they do it goes to the Premiership. Right??

  • Well done Mr Fear on getting rid of southaman. I think VOTH had him in his pocket though. Way to go VOTH.

  • I personally dont want to put any pressure on league placing, for me its all about continuous improvement and heading in the right direction. (which is now happening thank u randy and martin). Im happy to wait as long as it takes to see champs league. Happy happy days.

  • Inter Toto This year – UEFA Cup Next Year – CL the following. We will then have 2 years experience in Europe, and time to build a squad. If we bring in too many players too soon we could ruin any balance and undertsanding the team already have. This gives us time to go about it gradually.

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