Date: 15th February 2006 at 1:24pm
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Villa manager David O’Leary has admitted that the signing of Eric Djemba Djemba has not paid off.

The Djemba twins are yet to return from international duty with Cameroon more than a week after he was meant to resume training with Villa.

Jumper Jumper accused O’Leary of not understanding French speaking players, an accusation that O’Leary denied saying of-course ‘mange tout’ I understand.

O’Leary said ‘He was worth a gamble. I’d have liked a Jermaine Jenas but we didn’t have the funds.’

Nice dig!

I was told that Sir Alex Ferguson had his prayer matt out the day we bought him, with Mathieu Berson also hotly pursued and then ignored, you have to question the managers ability in the bargain basement end of the market, a market that Doug has led us to deal in. O’Leary can identify quality that we can’t afford, but …….. Wrong choice by Doug judging by how he wants to run the club? Or should that be ‘another’ wrong choice?

Djemba x 2 was signed for £1.2million in the 2005 January transfer window after Manchester United decided to cut their losses – they’d bought him for £3.5million.

As Icbrum (Birmingham Mail) point out, O’Leary has done some good bargain signings, Thomas Sorensen, Gavin McCann and Kevin Phillips have all been good judging by what they cost.

What is sure is that the players Villa career is over, I’d hate to see him put the claret and blue shirt on again, from day one he looked rubbish, apparently even Steve Bruce – who went to see him play in the Utd reserves – left after 20 minutes having seen enough. The player is not premiership quality and bargain or not, he never was!


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  • You have to question the Villa scouting system. I’m assuming somebody was sent to see him play and we didnt just buy him on Sir Alex’s reccomendation? What on earth they saw in him to reccomend DOL buy him we will never know.

  • He must be a good player otherwise sir Alex wouldn’t of bought him, I think he would of been good for us if we showed more faith in him and started him.

  • It was worth a gamble on him,it hasnt paid off so just ged rid in the summer and hopefully recoup some of the money he cost

  • It’s never worth a gamble if you aren’t going to give him a chance tho. It’s like buying a lottery ticket and then throwing it away before the draw is made.

  • Dol has had to change his management style and scouting alot since he has come to villa with Leeds he had at least 20mil to spend every window and could go for top stars but at villa he has got to find bargings and he has found a few but this type of mana

  • Was this just a I must buy someone as the window is closing move from Doug last January. This year he never got as far as opening the curtains!

  • Does anyone remember how we were meant to complete a deal for Amdy Faye from Pompy then DO’L basically changed his mind and went for Djemba. Now I know Faye hasnt set the world alight but in hindsight it would have been a better deal!!

  • He couldnt make it at O.T., and he hasn’t made it here. Maybe he needs to start looking at himself, instead of blaming anybody and everybody else. What was he like in training, in the dressing room, around other players? Did he have an attitude? Yes, Sir

  • The gamble was worth taking and arguably wasn’t even a gamble anyway, unlike Berson. I would loan him out to a foreign club now just to get the bad vibes away from the club, but if you look at it from DJ-DJ’s view even you would be a bit hacked off at how

  • One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the fact we are now more than likley to lose another midfielder, whether now or in the summer. At this moment in time for Sundays game i’d much rather see KP in a Scholes role with Baros and LM up front than play Wh

  • Feguson bought him for 3.5 mil, and then sold him for over 2 mil less, in the space of a year. The warning signs were there from the start. Pure panic buy, when no-one else would sign for the right money.

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