Date: 18th April 2017 at 1:08pm
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The match, err… highlights? Great goal from Jack, other than that, meh.

Steve Bruce after the match:

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Once again I tuned in to watch on TV and again it was a poor show. So disappointing to watch with the one highlight being Grealish’s goal. Kodja was stupid reacting like he did because the replay clearly shows Fredericks kicking him in the stomach first and if he had gone down then I am sure the Fulham player would have been given the red card. Instead he reacted and was sent off. I think SB still has a lot to do and we need to get off to a good start next season if we are to achieve our goal of a return to the Premiership. Feeling a bit down if I’m honest.
South coast Villan

Like I said after Reading, win lose or draw, we are shapeless and pretty awful really. Not seeing any signs of progression at all to give me hope for next season. Big job for Bruce in the summer again. He said it would take at least 3 transfer windows, he was right. Sadly some of the new buys haven’t settled in and impressed either. Only positive was a good goal from Jack. But he has to contribute more than the occasional goal.
The Fear

Agreed Mr Fear. One of my main concerns however is that SB and his staff still appear to be looking for the best system to play to. I get the impression ( and I really hope that I am wrong on this ) that he is changing systems in order to pick the players he wants to play. That is not the way to construct a team and certainly not the way to get promoted next season.

If we don’t get promoted next year the ffp will mean we will be in this league for many more years, I say sack Bruce.
Ali Arab

The best thing to come out of today was the {Blues} losing again. Our seasons over, baring the game on Sunday against the previously mentioned. Worth him experimenting. Changed shape gave fringe players a go. Would liked to have seen RHM more. Jimmy danger getting sent off didn’t help. Squad needs trimming massively with a few quality additions coming in. Amavi, jeez if we can resurrect that £20 mill offer we had, take it. Lots of work to do in pre season. We are very poor though. Let’s hope we can develop a style and pattern of play in the summer. For me the next games our last of the season let’s put a nail in the 5hites coffin. Enjoy the summer and here’s hoping for a better season next. UTV VTID!!!!

Utter ***** football for most of this season. Gabby will come back and save us with Richards in town. I’m off to put pencils up my nose and shout wobble.

Yeah that was pretty poor today but the sending off didn’t help. i struggled to pick our best player today. I was at the game and as usual our fans were superb.

Well with Kodjia out for the rest of the season it gives us the perfect chance to give RHM a few games. Him and Hogan together should give us some decent pace up front. Today was always going to be a difficult game, Fulham are in good form and look a good bet to win the play offs. Kodjia’s silly sending off killed any chance we had really.

1 season on from relegation and apart from having a quality striker in kodjia we haven’t really improved in the football area. Still look like we lack confidence, any purpose on the pitch and we don’t have a style like say Fulham do. SB is not getting any improvements in these areas and a good manager would regardless of player quality
Big Dubs Header

UGH not looking good at all, the lack of possession is a real concern. We don’t look after the ball and in my opinion we need yet another big summer. Bruce needs to decide how he wants us to play because we have no identity on the pitch at the moment.

Wide open on the flanks, shapeless, and poor again, even with 11 men Villa. The majority view of stick with SB, and he will sort it out in the Summer is not one shared by a significant number of others – simply because, as JF says, there are few / no signs of real progress. I came into his EFL thinking we would at least pummel a few teams, and get some entertainment. But out of 43 games, the number of games that we have won reasonably easily, so we can actually enjoy watching and not stress about the result is a grand total of one ( Rotherham, 3 0 at Villa Park in August). Also two strong performances we drew against Forest at home, and Brighton away. The rest, Bristol City reasonable, or otherwise all knife edge stuff, late relief second goals, scraped / lucky one goal wins, or endless draws and defeats. One game. Bollards. Garbage. I keep wanting / I need some evidence of progress. I keep getting nothing. I don’t buy this 4 promotions stuff. I need evidence in 2017 from what we see now. Crap football will only get us crap results next year too. Best signings from their performances to date are Kodja, Chester, and Jedinak (none signed by SB). I Love Villa. I want SB to succeed, but please show me some signs or reasons for hope rather than sadness with at least two good performances from these last three games (they don’t need to be wins – just good performances). Or get rid, and get a modern manager in who can galvanise, organise, excite, and make us proud again.

I used to be a season ticket holder. I don’t know how you guys do it watching that year after year. I was in the Fulham end with some mates. The villa supporters were incredible. Obviously a reconstruction job going on at villa and its starting to make progress but there is such a long way to go. Brittle, lacking in structure. In my uninformed opinion the worst thing would be to go back up at this stage. Well done you loyal bunch. But im glad I have my Saturdays to do better things with.