Date: 9th March 2006 at 9:54am
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1) So Blackburn have made a sudden surge up the table… how?! What has your season been like?

We’ll Mark Hughes put it down to improved performances in defence which at the turn of the year did improve greatly we suffered lapses against Everton and West Brom but on the whole we have been more solid. However, I don’t think it just down to that I think we have been more clinical up front the 4-3 victory over Manchester United was testament to that.

2) Is Mark Hughes the right man to take Blackburn forward and what level do you think Blackburn can realistically expect to compete in?

He is definitely the right man; we can’t thank Newcastle enough for taking Souness. Since then we have gone from bottom 6 to top 6 and realistically I think top 6 is where we should be aiming this season, Blackburn are more than able of competing in Europe.

3) Where do you think you will finish this season, good enough for a late Champions League surge?

I think if we can continue the run we are on then we should end up in Europe. It will take a lot to catch Spurs but if that’s what we aim to do then if we just fall short a least we will finish up with a UEFA cup spot.

4) What should Villa expect at the weekend, which players should we fear?

Villa should expect a very high tempo game. Mark Hughes criticized the players after the Everton defeat and since then they have put in three excellent performances. Craig Bellamy is a player you should watch as he is in good form at the minute.

5) Are there any players you fear from the Villa squad?

I would have to say Luke Moore just for his hat-trick against Middlesborough, but it is hard to pick out a danger man from Villa. That’s not to say you aren’t a threat though because when you work together as a team you’re a good hard working side.

6) What do you think of these stupid kick off times? I must admit, they are driving me mad!

Drives me mad as well. The Premiership has a lot to answer for. There are positives but this is one of many negatives. I remember the days when I would go to watch the football 3.00 every Saturday, now you can get a games on Sunday at 12.00 with no way of getting to the ground cos of rail strikes. So your forced to watch in the pub with the rest of the fair weather arm chair football fans sat in their repica kits. Things have changed.

7) What is your opinion of Aston Villa. Sleeping giant or has been?

We’ll they did win the European cup once and they do have a big fan base in the Midlands so I would say they are a sleeping giant. But the amount of time they have been without a major trophy (Coca Cola Cup doesn’t count) it is might have to be classed as a coma.

8) As a neutral, what do you think of David O’Leary and the comments he comes out with about Villa?

I think at the minute it is unrealistic to think Villa should be in the Champions League. O’Leary should keep his views to himself attacking the fans is not the way to go about things and he has upset Delaney as well. Furthermore I think O’Leary isn’t a good manager in the transfer market. Seth Johnson 7 million Milan Baros 6 Million. He is not capable of picking up a bargain. Pederesen cost us less than a million.

9) What do you think the result will be at the weekend?

I think we could beat you by a few goals. O’Leary comments will not have helped team spirit this week and we are formidable at home.

10) Any chance of a quick ‘Ellis out’ chant please?!

I’m sure Villa can manage to make that view heard on there own. Ellis has to go.

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  • The sad thing is you can’t really argue with what the guy said. Apart from the point he made about beating us by a few goals. We haven’t been beaten on the road since Halloween, Premiership. I think Mr. Blackburn is over estimating his team. I expect a ha

  • Pedersen has also had only 1 good season?!! Baros has scored 10 in 23 and has also been out injured. Is Pedersen even a striker, he has played in midfield before. Strikers carry a price tag, and at the end of last season our only options were abroad or Be

  • we’ll do blackburn 2-1
    savage is going to get broken in half. Mcann, mellberg and mad man barry all want a piece!

  • Blackburn show that its complete nonsense to suggest that the best villa can hope for is mid-table. With a decent manager we really should be above a team like Blackburn as our squad is every bit as good as theirs.

  • Anyone remember us being strongly linked to Pedersen before he signed for them? Obviously DOL didnt like what he saw and decided on DJ-DJ instead! MUPPET!!!!!!

  • Have added the link to the interview I did with their site now, at the bottom of this article.

  • An enthusiastic, upbeat, optimistic supporter. Obviously proud of his team and the manager, and the club as a whole. Looking forward to a strong ending to the season, culminating in European qualification. Remember when we enjoyed those experiences?

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