Date: 17th December 2006 at 10:40am
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UTV-SOTC is on the war path over our shocking attendances. The Vital Villa members thoughts on how to fill Villa Park with across the board £200 season tickets were put to the Supporter Consultation Group yesterday afternoon before the game, but after the game he had this to say and I’ve got to admit, he isn’t far wrong.

There are plenty of fans who can’t turn up due to financial pressures etc but these come day go day fans get right on my wick, Martin O’Neill asked the crowd to give their all to the players yesterday saying it was the first time he had asked for something.

Fair enough the expense of Christmas is on us and fair enough the kick off time was stupid (thanks Sky or whoever made the rules that they can’t show matches between 3pm and 5.15pm) but surely as a fan, when you can, you go down and support your team, sod who they are playing, if you just want to see Manchester United each year, go to Old Trafford!!

UTV-SOTC said:

To the 15,000 stay-aways (and that is not aimed at those who have a valid reason for not attending), you are a disgrace.

The fact that the Manure game is sold out shows what a bunch of fickle, disrespectful bunch of supporters we are.

On behalf of those who attended I would like to say thank you Martin for getting the players to slog there guts out, even though the fans couldn’t be arsed. I would like to thank Randy for the free travel to chelski, the supporter initiatives, for getting M’ON, for the Holte Hotel and for generally doing everything possible to make our club great again.

I am so ashamed of the total lack of support you are getting from so many ungrateful, whinge at the first opportunity, total nomarks who claim to be Villa supporters.

Maybe in the future the club will use the ticketing policy that has been suggested to ensure this disgraceful turnout doesn’t happen again. Namely for the Manure game charge £45 and throw in a game like the Bolton one for a tenner, only if buying the Manure game. That way all these pathetic once a season, pretend Villa supporters will have to pay for the privilege of attending their once a season game.

In a previous article I agreed with the current thinking, that maybe a Feb – Nov season would be beneficial. Nearly all disagreed. We played Bolton at home last August and got over 33,000???????

Strong words indeed. Do you agree?


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  • utv-sotc makes a totally valid point. It should be the fans that make the club, everyone wants their 10 cents worth when it comes to things like renaming the stadiums but aren’t willing to come to the games, and whats even worse is when they start complaining about the team and how rubbish they are. Sadly, I have to admit that i’m a fan that doesn’t get to see the Villa at home as much as I should, mainly because I live in London and while it seems like a rubbish excuse, the amount of money i’d have to spend travelling every week coupled with tickets and the rest of the day out, and my financial constraints mean that I can’t get to home games, but if fans got free/reduced tickets to last nights game via the Man U/Chelsea offer then really they should have gone (I’m not going to either game before everyone starts shouting at me)….
    It is very surprising to hear everyones views on the team peformance, it’s not as if Villa are languishing, we ae still in a very strong position with a team Martin O’Neill has inherited from the clueless one, he’s never been under any illusions about the task in hand, and you will not be able to judge his success untill next season when he’s had a chance to turn this into Martin O’Neills Villa. This was a team that was fighting relegation a season ago and now we are 8th, playing good attacking football and grinding out results in games we would have all lost last year. Why are there so many Villa fans that are quick to put the boot into the team?

  • I have to say the attendance was a poor show, considering MON asked for the support of the fans.Now my understanding of the word support is physical attendance and vocal participation.Watching at home on Sky with a beer in your hand is not helping the lads in real time!If we are going to progress it is only going to be with everyone giving their all.Does an actor want to go on stage to a half full theatre!, or a singer to a half empty concert.Yeah they get well payed, but so do all performers and if we want to have the best playing at Villa park they will only come to play on a BIG STAGE! you think Scott Parker, Michael Owen, Damien Duff went to Newcastle because they are going to win the league or the champions league, or because every week they can perform in front of large vocal support on that STAGE!!…you got it.
    Hey their getting well payed but many a club will pay top dollar for top players.So the question is do WE THE FANS, the only people through our SUPPORT(Physical & Vocal) can create a BIG STAGE at Villa Park worthy of top players want to have players like Owen, Parker & Duff say yes to us over NewCastle, Tottenham, etc..Then get behind the club and PLAY YOUR part in making us into the club we ALL want it to be.Do you truely support the Villa or just have a passing interest,the people out there who can afford it and can get to the ground you know who you are so, come on be a part of the revival, help make us stronger and succesful.
    Shout out to the guys in the Mcgregor suite who got us in the Holte going yesterday,………Villa Till I Die!

  • Sorry to be ignorant but who are UTV-SOTC?.

    Yesterdays crowd was poor, the kick off time did not help but that said it was still no reason for such a small gate.

  • Is the football bubble bursting? Everton at home v Chelsea, attendance = 33 970, they must have a capacity like ours of over 42k mustn’t they?

  • getting new custom is a lot harder – than keeping your existing fan base happy. Ellis and Ansell destroyed the fan base of the club – getting it back isn’t go to be easy – although even I have been alarmed at the paltry attendances so far this season.
    We really need a big name signing to capture the imagination – something like went keegan went to newcastle all those years ago…. Theiry Henry anyone ?

  • utv has got it right in one way, but in my view he has also got it totally and utterly wrong.

    All we all want is for a successful Villa with full houses, smiling faces and excitemeent in anticipation of merely crossing the threshold of Villa Park. Fans want to contribute, want to feel important and the more they feel important the more they enjoy things and are likely to come again – it all becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Slagging ourselves off does no good at all, lowers our esteem, and makes the job harder. When we were in the 3rd Division (here we go again I can hear some say) we were valued and it was almost encouraging us to show our colours the poorer we were – the fans often brought a tunaround in ganes by their sheer enthusiasm and nationally people marvelled at Villa’s loyal support.

    There are loads of factors why times have changed now, but we have been robbed of our hopes and dreams by the big 4, and then had them crushed further under Ellis and DOL.

    We can get the fans back but we must be positive. Season ticket sales are still a huge factor when it comes to the time and date of Saturday’s game. Mboro 23 last week, Wigan 15, Bburn 16, lots of teams are suffering. We know why the big 4 get big support – they all genuinely know they are still in the game to win trophies and have huge fan bases. We must now aspire to get somewhere towards their level, but it will be a hard road and will take time to win back fans.

    However, with a few new players and continued passion, youngsters progressing and honesty from MON it will happen. Close season next Summer will boost next year’s season ticket base and I’m hoping Santa will have gifted a good number of half season tickets to boost the second half of the season.

    It is not that long ago we were getting capacity 39339 crowds under J Gregory because we had basicallly sold many games out on the basis of a good first half season – even if we then blew it in front of the full houses.

    Stop criticising our own fans. All crowds (bar the season ticket sell outs at Manure etc) are based on a collection of full timers and some 6 or 7 or even 2or 3 games a season merchants. They are still all our fans and we just want more of ALL of them.

    In all honesty the issue (ignore the big 4 again) is not why is our support less than what we want it to be – it is why on earth do Newcastle get 50,000 every week. That is to their credit and they currently hold the “they would turn up to watch paint dry trophy ” that used to belong to Villa (when Newcastle got some gates below 10,000).

    We will get there. Keep the faith, but stop knocking our own fan base – whether they are turning up in the numbers you would like or not. We are getting there and 30,000 would not have been a bad effort yesterday. It was a bit disappointingly below that, but focus on the positives and we will soon fill Villa park regularly again.

    Come on You Lions

  • christo. I think that about sums it up. You are only going to the Manure game because you live near Manchester?????? Maybe you could tell me where Bolton is then …….?????

  • could not agree more, but my language would be much stronger, you stay aways and “big game goers” are a bunch of ar**holes of the highest order, you should be made to qualify for big games by getting points for the less glamorous matches, a hard thing to put into practice I know, and would it affect the gate at the big matches ?? who knows, as stated if you just want to see manure or chelski then f*** right off and support them. this is ASTON VILLA and our boys deserve the finest and most vocal support in the country, other teams should fear coming to our ground, Villa Park should shake with the sound from EVERY side of our beloved ground, what happened to FORTRESS VILLA, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO OUR TEAM, EVERY SINGLE SCARF, EVERY SINGLE BANNER, EVERY SINGLE VOICE, on the AV site not that long ago Gabbi was stating how it made him feel to have his name sung out by the faithful, how it lifted him, how it spurred him on, he is not on his own, every player on that pitch will respond to that, every player wants to hear their name sung out from the stands (sorry, sits) and even more so when we are behind, YOU DO EFFECT A TEAMS PERFORMANCE, the crowd can and does help win a game, if your blood truly runs claret and blue then where are you? (exceptions noted) THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS PEOPLE, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, MAKE YOURSELF HEARD, BE PROUD OF OUR HERITAGE, BE PROUD OF YOUR TEAM, AND YOU BETTER BE DAMN PROUD OF YOUR MANAGER, DON’T LET HIM AND US DOWN AGAIN, LET THE REST OF THE PREMIERSHIP KNOW THEY ARE COMING TO THE HOME OF FOOTBALL, LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE COMING TO FORTRESS VILLA. and relax,

  • Had an arguement with my Dad as we left the ground Saturday. There are usually 5 of us from Bedford who watch most games home and away. 3 of us made the trip, the other 2 gave pityful excuses and can strange enough make it next week. But i’ve also got family and friends in Brum who had excuses and again they will all miraculously be ok for next week. I am embarrassed and annoyed by this. NOT everyone is pulling together here!!

  • Have you agree with most of this. I wonder if these stay away fans will the same fans moaning about results or moaning if we lose players to other teams or even, god forbid, if we were to lose MON. How disappointing is it for these people to constantly turn up to half empty stadiums and lacklustre support. Yes they get paid good money, but at other teams they will also get paid good money but also bask in the glory of all their loyal supporters etc. If we really want to move Villa onto the next level we have a part to play too people!

  • fans were leaving the game early when we were 1-0 down and dominating, whats it all about?? No wonder we couldnt find the finish edge if some of the fans cant be arsed to finish the game…disgrace

  • Nothing short of embarrasing. Theres just no excuse for such a poor turn out. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I haven’t been to every game this season, but I chose to attend on Saturday rather than watch in the pub because I honestly thought MON’s words before hand would have gee’d up quite a crowd and I wanted to play my part. What a total let down.

  • This obviously has to be reviewed again come seasons end. Average attendances compared to last season will definitely show a healthy increase, but perhaps not the significant increase that we all expected.

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