Date: 29th April 2006 at 11:45am
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Vital Villa asked if you would be renewing your season ticket. Seems a good few won’t be.

Only 21% said ‘always have, always will.

11% said they were joining the fans exodus.

6% said they would renew if David O’Leary was sacked. A further 11% said they would if Ellis departs and the majority with 39% said they would only renew if BOTH Ellis and O’Leary left.

A further 12% said they weren’t season ticket holders but would be going far less next season.

So not only do we face a players exodus, we also face a fans exodus and possibly a new league to play in the following season.

We can certainly expect far more low attendances like the Manchester City game next season. Villa have only sold over 40 000 tickets TWICE this season, we’ll be seeing far more sub 30 000 gates next season as the product on the pitch is awful and the disdain the chairman and now the manager hold us in turns more die-hard fans away.

Depressing times.


5 Replies to “Villa Fans Not Renewing”

  • Who wants to put themselves through that every week and have to pay for it too. The chairman doesn’t care, the manager doesn’t have a clue, the players don’t put in the effort so the fans walk away.

  • Better than any protest any group could organise, fans voting with their feet says so much more. Trouble is I don’t see why those loathsome toads should drive me away?

  • Even the hardcore, the heartbeat of the club, is now saying that enough is enough. The current situation means that the summer months will see more outgoing than incoming transfer activity, and that doesnt bode well for next seasons chances. Things are lo

  • To add to the debate of course is the rumour that season ticket price increases will be announced within the next week or so. While admittedly prices for season tickets are low compared to other premiership clubs, Ellis and Stride will be adding more fuel

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