Date: 18th April 2017 at 3:56pm
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A reminder of what Jack Grealish can do:

But does he do it enough? Is he not played in the right position? What position would be right? All questions and no answers.

Reactions following the article Jack The Lad Told To Knuckle Down published yesterday…

Seems to be saying his attitude hasn’t been right?
The Fear

Too inconstant, with his talent , the wages he gets paid shouldn’t need to be told to knuckle down, has the ‘potential’ to be a really great player but get the feeling he’s easily distracted and will never be as good as he should be, oh boy do I hope I’m wrong.

Yes slightly bizarre comments by Bruce, but yesterday, as per usual, too casual and gave the ball away too cheaply. And he shows no urgency to track back and try and regain possession when he does inevitably lose it, just strolls around letting others try and clear up his mess. The goal was superb, but it’s not enough every now and again. He has to bring more to the party, we don’t have the luxury of carrying posers and passengers. I like the lad, but it’s becoming more and more clear he is not going to make the grade, at least not with us.

Waster. Sadly.

My worry is, if he moves on,i can see someone else turning him into a top class player and we will look back and wonder why it didn’t happen here, Albrighton among others spring to mind.Sherwood got the best out of him,but I agree with Eddy1 he shouldn’t have to be told to knuckle down,just earn your wages when you put that shirt on.
AV Dave

Just doesn’t do enough for me, shows flashes of brilliance for 5 minutes a game then seems to coast through the other 85. Jack has always looked more interested in playing for himself than the team, he always wants to take an extra 15 touches and pirouette past a defender rather than playing a quick pass or just getting the ball and driving straight at the defence. He’s way behind Green for me at the moment.

Has to do more than he did yesterday even though his goal was quality.
The Fear

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sirdennis: I thought he was very poor yesterday , far to casual and careless with the ball. Great goal though , we know he can do that , but once in a while is no good to anyone.

SiHillVilla He looks unfit and overweight to me. Another indictment of the cosy cosseted world of Bodymoor Heath

McParlandThe Great ‘It’s called man-management. Some managers are very good at it, some not. Is it co-incidence that a good chunk of the Championship ‘stars’ who come to Villa lose their confidence in a few weeks? And no, our recent history is not the reason.

Jack needs to be played far forwards, where he can make things happen. There are others to track back. At least he does have the confidence to score goals like the wonder one yesterday. Any problems with Jack are minute compared with the problems with most of the players we seem to have at the moment.

Jack had a very good game for the England U21s the last time out. Stick him in a good team and he’ll shine. We need to become a good team, not reduce him to the current level.’

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  • A run in the team to prove himself… to gain confidence… to convince the manager. We have nothing to lose for the remaining games.

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