Date: 26th July 2006 at 12:48pm
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Stock exchange have shares suspended and that AVFC is in a BID SITUATION.

Hold on to your hats!


Have checked the LSE site, it says bid situation, can’t see it saying shares suspended, but the last trade was 12:13 some others have tried since and haven’t been able to buy shares.

Interesting times.


30 Replies to “VILLA IN BID SITUATION (updated)”

  • Anyone else starting to feel a little sentimental and want Doug to stay now? Hope all this falls through and we hold on to Doug for another 20 glorious years! 😉

  • FINALLY Deadly Doug is selling up, only 10 years too late for you guys, I hope these new owners carry on the great tradition of making you worse each season ;o)

    Are you going to be Aston USA? Which bloke is taking over?

  • Weren’t we in bid situation under neville before then nothing happened or is due dilligence prior to bid situation?
    I was initially excited but now I remember how most things work at villa – slowly, resulting in inevitable disappointment. Maybe it might

  • I think we should be renamed Randy Villa, and the Doug Ellis stand renamed the ‘Randy Erection’

  • we should put a big tahk you banner up for doug on our first game of next season
    “THANK YOU DOUG, YOUVE DONE THE RIGHT THING, YOU HAVE ERANED MANY PEOPLES RESPECT” something like that anyway, he seemed happy on sky sports yesterday depsoiite the hobble!

  • son_of_cher are you on drugs, or being sarcastic like me? How about a banner saying “Ellis, Ellis, who the **** is Ellis”! He’ll never get an ounce of respect out of me.

  • It doesn’t matter if he goes. Who cares what happens to him. A banner would have been good 5 years ago but not now.
    Roll on a new era for Villa. Lerner in, O’Neil in, up the league!

  • Ellis wanting to sell to someone who has Villa’s ‘best interests at heart’ is the most hypocritical thing I have heard. I couldn’t respect someone who has treated Villa the way he has. He’ll sell when it suits him, lets just hope Doug accepts the offer

  • surely it will be a better atmosphere in the randy erection upper rather than the randy erection lower. When the cheerleaders are on I think we will all have a randy erection upper anyway.

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