Date: 18th March 2018 at 12:00pm
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The Mirror have an article today saying that John Terry is planning to play for one more season even if it means he lines up against his beloved Chelsea.

There are no quotes in the article, but apparently he has told Steve Bruce of his plans.

Playing against Chelsea would need us promoted obviously! Or is he willing to move on to another club in the Premiership now? If we don`t go up, with the harsh reality of a tiny final parachute payment coming to Villa and the problems we`ll therefore encounter with the Financial Fair Play regulations, it`s unlikely we`ll be able to keep any of our loan signings. I guess the only way to do that, would be to sell a prize asset or two. Would Jack Grealish want to move to a Premiership club or spend another season in the Championship where he gets kicked to hell game in, game out for instance?

The report suggests JT is happy at Villa and would stay with us if asked. It is believed there is a one year option in his contract.

There was also press talk that JT might return to Chelsea in a coaching role. Steve Bruce also made it clear if JT wanted to start being involved in coaching, then Villa would accommodate him.

The Mirror points out that he will be a free agent again so a ‘suitable package’ would have to be offered.

It isn’t all down to money for JT at this stage of his career though, it was widely reported in the summer when he chose to come to Villa that he could have made more money elsewhere but liked the challenge of helping Villa gain promotion. They add If Bruce offers Terry a swansong and Villa remain in the Championship, the ex-Stamford Bridge legend would have to take a pay cut. They also state he bleeding obvious, if we go up, he – along with the other players (and manager) – would be due a promotion bonus.

His experience in the play offs (if that is where we finish this season) could be huge for us. He`s a player with a wealth of experience in massive games and these games would be massive!

Would he stay if we don`t go up? Not just down to what he would want that, it`s the finances at Aston Villa. We`d be a totally different proposition next season in the Championship that is for sure.

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Well, football isn`t rocket science – albeit some managers seem to want to make it far more complicated than it is – so I don`t think it will come as a major surprise to see the stats and reach the conclusion.

Aston Villa are better when John Terry in the side than when he isn`t playing!

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9 Replies to “Villa Star Would Stay Another Season But Could We Keep Him?”

  • we need pace at the back for the prem,,,, there are major problems with the chester terry pairing
    that need addressing,,,,
    that said each have been very good in their own way this year
    wages are going to kill us next season if we dont go up,,, and

  • I’d being doing my best to keep hold of him if possible and try to get him involved with the coaching. We look a million times better with him playing than when he was out – he’s never been blessed with pace, but reads the game tremendously well so hasn’t

  • It’s also the leadership skills he brings isn’t it? Be nice to have him for another season, up or not.

  • As he gets older JT gets less effective he has brought leadership to AV but We have to look beyond. JT and begin the search for a younger longer lasting solution to the problem.

  • Love all this dewy eyed stuff about JT. Yes the man has had a positive influence on AVFC. Is he good enough, quick enough or motivated enough to play for us in the PL? I don’t know.

    Will he remain a positive influence for all and sundry, a role model f

  • Terry has never been pace, a back 5 possibly to ensure consolidation if we do go and let him marshall etc with others running. Either way, if Chelsea remains an issue if we get promotion, he’s not going to play every game is he.

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