Date: 18th March 2018 at 12:44pm
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Reactions to the match stats Bolton 1-0 Villa. Along with the Steve Bruce post match interview and match ‘low` lights!

Last Saturday seems a long time ago be lucky to finish in the top six the way we’re playing
cradley villa

Two terrible performances, play offs here we come. Midfield was woeful to say the least, hopefully a few weeks off will freshen them up because do they need it. Very disappointing.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Very sad. Hope no one blames the conditions, both teams had to play through that. Bolton struggling and trying to stay out of the relegation zone, us trying to get promoted. You’d not really have told. After the high of v Wolves, this week has been crushing really.
The Fear

In line with the stats, I thought we were the equal of Bolton Wanderers. Which is not good enough.

yes, agreed Eddy, for once I welcome the international break!!
The Fear

four strikers on, nothing to show pitiful I don’t like our chances in the play offs
Nerrad Villa

I think there will be a lot of twists and turns for second spot. I’m still positive.
Ali Arab

Midfield agree was woeful, so bringing on a mass of strikers and taking off our wide players made us worse, not better. Davis for Grabban, much earlier, might have changed things, and held the ball up a bit more for us.

Was pleased to see Bjarnasson get a game … and then he turns in a stinker of a performance!! Probably only Grealish and Bree had half decent games today and Grealish ended up dragged all over the place due to the shape at the end. What Bruce was thinking playing 4 strikers and no midfield to supply them at the end is beyond me. Well played Bolton who out fought and out defended us. Like QPR, they weren’t a great side but they did what was necessary to claim the points. Villa on the other hand seem to have forgotten how to pass to each other at times. Repeatedly unpunished heavy tackling didn’t help either, though can’t blame the ref for the result. Let’s hope the way to win can be rediscovered in time for the next game. Regardless of how anyone else is performing, Villa should be doing better than the last two games.
Mike Turner

If your there Austinmaxi. Hands up, I’m deluded, and it’s breaking my heart! VTID
Colin Cognac

Difficult to see 2nd really Ali after missing out on six points this week. Not impossible so like your optimism, after these two bottle job performances, I think my ultra optimism (kept saying we’d win the league!!!) has been severely dented!
The Fear

Both Grealish and Bjarnason were off the pace – in fairness to Jack he was kicked every time he got on the ball as usual. Hourihane had one of his several invisible days. It seemed as though both individually and collectively we were bottling it – mistake after mistake. Passes astray. Chances missed. And again, to be fair their goalie saved them twice. The pressure is now on and we didn’t have the appetite for it.

Colin, don’t give up pal, were off to Wembley, probably.

I’ll never give up my friend whilst there is still a glimmer!
Colin Cognac

Gutted. Totally and utterly gutted…….. Not to forget bloody angry too!!!!
Pride of Lions

Well I was there tonight and it was a ******** disgrace, we did not deserve a point, and each one of the 4,500 of us that traveled should get an apology at the very least. Oh and the play offs? Yeah whatever.

I hope we can scrape up somehow, but have always been in the despite of rather than because of B camp. If we don’t, I’ll look forward to walking the Championship next season, with a ‘you can win nothing with kids team’. Experience always needed, particularly a central defensive partnership, and some new miracle midfield anchor signing better than this season’s failures. But likes of Bree, Clark, Grealish, O Hare, and Davies alongside Adomah and Hogan could provide a good core of players in a more creative, young Villa team who are exciting to watch. Snodgrass, Johnstone would be big losses though. So hopefully, please, we still get promoted!

Beaten by the Trotters, Problem was, Del boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert were playing for us tonight.
AV Dave

Conditions were the same for both teams, but they strongly benefited Bolton style of play. No excuses though, you have to be able to get results when conditions/referee/luck whatever it is falls against you. We had 4 clear cut chances (Adomah and Grabban in first half and Hogan and Bree in 2nd half). We didn’t take any of them although the latter two were down to good defending/keeping.. We played 4 forwards and that resulted in our best player having to go too deep to get the ball. Been two poor performances which may well have cost us a chance of automatic promotion. If Cardiff win tomorrow, then it’s the play offs IMO

Poor again, conditions were terrible but same for both teams and Bolton seemed to cope with it far better than we did. I’d think we would need 7 wins and a draw from our last 8 for top 2, but the way we are playing there isn’t a chance in hell of that happening so play offs it is. Need to hit our stride again before the end of the season so we can go into the play offs with some confidence.

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  • It does seem that automatic is gone now, but there is still the smallest chink of light. As before, we just need to concentrate on our matches – we have no control over Cardiff, Wolves or whoever. Although I detest international breaks, this one might jus

  • we have to find a way of scoring when pushing teams back,,,, not only are we ineffective,,, we are also shaky at the back and look like conceding 2 or three per game
    its been going on for a while now and we have pushed are luck on more than one occasi

  • Play Offs for me now, blown the shot and I don’t see Cardiff or Wolves slipping up enough even if we win every remaining game now. Focus on wins and getting back on track.

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