Date: 9th May 2007 at 5:20pm
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Patrik Berger Also Named In Official Team Of The Week

Gabriel Agbonlahor’s goal and overall performance in Aston Villa’s 3-0 demolition of Sheffield United has seen the 20-year-old striker climb up to ninth position in The Actim Index – the Official Player Ratings of the Barclays Premiership.

Agbonlahor gave Villa the lead against the Blades with his ninth goal of the season, powering an unstoppable shot past Paddy Kenny after breaking away from Matthew Kilgallon. Actim Stats reveal that the highly-rated England U21 international has contributed 53 shots, 64 tackles, three clearances, 19 interceptions, one block, 56 dribbles, 70 crosses, 403 passes and six assists in 3,432 minutes of Premiership action.

Another Villa star has also made his mark in this week’s Index. For his goal and involvement in the 3-0 victory, Czech international Patrik Berger was named in the Actim Index team of the week. Berger, who recorded 29 Index points after his performance, has contributed two goals, 16 shots, nine tackles, one clearance, two interceptions, 120 passes, three dribbles, 14 crosses and two assists in 529 minutes of first team football this season.

The Actim Index is calculated using a unique mathematical formula that rates each player’s contribution be it goals, shots, passes, dribbles, tackles, crosses, saves, clearances, blocks, interceptions, time on the pitch or number of points gained by the team with marks deducted for red and yellow cards. Two additional calculations, which take account of player assists and goalkeeper’s clean sheets, have been added this season to increase the amount of variables a player is now measured by.

Analysis of all Premiership games is taking place throughout the season and The Actim Index Team of the Week is:


Mark Schwarzer, Middlesbrough.


Dan Shittu, Watford
Joseph Yobo, Everton
Liam Rosenior, Fulham
Michael Dawson, Tottenham Hotspur


Stewart Downing, Middlbrough
Mark Noble, West Ham
Patrik Berger, Aston Villa
Mikel Arteta, Everton


Carlos Tevez, West Ham
Dimitar Berbatov, Tottenham Hotspur.

The list of the Top 100 players and Top 5 players by position will be available free of charge from the Actim website: which will be updated during the football season every Tuesday for the Barclays Premiership and every Thursday for The Coca-Cola Championship.


21 Replies to “Villa Striker In Actim Index Top 10”

  • He seems to be coping pretty well with the pressures of expectations of villa fans etc.

  • haha true, when i first saw his name i thought he’d have a Jamaican accent or something! He only lives about 10 feet from VP aswell…legend in the making.

  • Bearing in mind that he has played most of the season on the wing, and part of it wuth a dodgy ankle – great performance. Also, Barry still 8th, Mellberg 48th and Ashley 50th. 4 players in top 50 – apart from top 4 Everton and Blackburn (shows what a good season they have had really) I can’t see anybody else up there. Just the foundations we need.

  • im really glad to see MON playing him up front, not on the wing like he had for most of the season. Thought he got a bit lost out wide on occasion. Up front his pace and reactions as well as his eye for goal will see him become the genuine article in not to long. I agree Dannygav, proper home grown.

  • Not bad for a kid playing on the Right Wing – Only just behind the Mighty “Berbatov” too !
    Wonder where he would be if he had been played up front all season

  • If he satys injury free next season and played through the middle he will deff be hitting the net regularly.think he surprised mon this season and if the dreaded 2nd season syndrom is avoided he could be a real threat.But its been rumoured mon is lookin at a few strikers bellendamy and keane to name but two so weather gab will be given the same sort of run in the team.Is it too early to start talking about who we want to sign this summer Mr Fear? Think we should try for Bent and Young from Charlton maybe King from Watford? SWP just for the sake of it and sidwell cause he would be a mug to go to chealsea. scott parker and kev nolan for the McCann role Distan and curtis davis.Now i dont exspect to get all of them Randy but hey im sure you could swing it my man.

  • Top call on Scott Parker sk1nner80, the bloke is immense. Definetely the best option if MON is looking to bring in a holding midfielder. My only problem is where MON intends to play Barry next year? After seeing him play central midfield the last few games, he looks a natural. With Barry and Petrov in the middle next season there wouldnt be room for another central midfielder, unless MON changes the system again.

  • Gabby is a different player when he plays up front. Great to have a local lad who loves the club as we all do in the team, lets hope he does the bizz for many years to come.

  • I always had questions about his finishing and composure, but he is sure answering those with each week that passes. Looks like he could be the real deal! Well done Gabby and well done to the coaching staff!

  • like I said in another story, why does everyone keep going on about we need a 20 goal a season striker? Gabby is certainly that when he gets going, and Moore will be as good once he gets into the groove again…

  • Gabi is a potential 20 goal a season man. If Petrov improves and gets 7 or 8 goals, the same from Barry and Gardner this means 40+ goals. That does not include those from Maloney, Moore, Carew, Young, Berger and any additions that may arrive. Not forgetting half a dozen that should be added by defenders. It is not inconceivable for Villa to score 60+ goals next season. If this happens and the defence is tigtened a touch, it would lead to a real charge up the table. I think now is the time for the part timers, stay aways, the if buts and maybes to get their hands in their pockets and buy season tickets for themselves, family and friends. Villa are about to make real strides forward and it is time for the fans to do their bit.

  • Gabby is playing better of late than he was in the opening weeks of the campaign. A superb season for the young man. Still has a lot to learn obviously, but this season’s efforts will stand him in great stead. Fully support your comments concerning the couch potato fans voiceoftheholte, but sadly I feel that your observations will fall on deaf ears. Hopefully I’m wrong, and the team will be playing in front of 40,000 plus crowds on a regular basis at VP next season.

  • I’ll be making the trip to Villa Park even though I live in Australia. Heck, its only 1600 bucks return. I made the Spurs, Chelski (away) game this season. I doubt whether I could have moved to Australia if the Villa revolution had happenned ten years ago. So to all those stay aways – you don’t know how fortunate you are – so get on down there!

  • I hope he keeps those speedy feet firmly planted on the ground, for Villa and England he could be the brightest star since Micheal Owen burst onto the scene all those years ago…. A Villa striker leading England to International Honours. Well I can dream can’t I..

  • I would love to see Moore and Gabby up front together for England, with Barry in Midfield. I would definitely belt out the national anthem if that happened.

  • England midfield of Beckham on the right, Gerrard and Barry in the middle, Joe Cole on the left. Up front Crouch and Agbonlahor. This England Managers job is simple.

  • I would rather have…Barry on the left, Hargreaves as holding midielder, Gerrard and wright phillips/Lennon on the right, would be far more balanced. Barry likes to get forward and playing him alongside Gerrard would be no different from Lampard playing alongside Gerrard.

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