Date: 31st May 2008 at 12:45pm
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Oh no! 350 comments in on this thread (time to change as we limit comments to 350 for speed issues) and the rumours thread in our forum Click Here is already at 27 pages in length!

Trouble is, at the moment, all the rumours and talk are exactly that, just rumours and talk!

The Villa Summer Transfer Thread – Part 1

Lets hope, by the end of this Villa Summer Transfer Thread – Part 2, we’ll be talking about the arrivals not the possibles!

We live in hope…

To be fair the international friendlies plus player holidays will have held things up slightly, so maybe the next few weeks will see more activity from all the clubs.

Once again, over to you Mr O’Neill !


6 Replies to “Villa Summer Transfer Thread – Part 2”

  • I’m afraid barry will be off, all we can do now is try and get as much dosh as possible,

  • Villa bid accepted for ramsey along with united, Oneill already spoken with parents, who would prefer villa over united?

  • Eircol, where did you hear about Villa having a bid accepted for ramsey? reports say its Manchester United and Arsenal, however a third team has bid for him which wasnt accepted

  • I cannot say but it did come from the club, the sticking point is united are prepared to loan him back to cardiff for next season, villa are not prepared to do that after forking out 4.5 million

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