Date: 18th April 2006 at 12:18pm
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Seems that despite doing the double of Birmingham City, many fans are still not fooled by David O’Leary. Vital Villa have set up a poll to ask your current thinking on the manager and the early majority appears to be in favour of O’Leary staying. I asked a similar question in the forum and it seems most still want him out:

I’d said: For me, a win v Small Heath doesn’t make up for the season as a whole, but he has been unlucky with injuries etc. Can’t wipe out the two blues games with him saluting Ellis and can’t wipe out the slating of the fans though. If Ellis stays, I still think we need a totally different sort of manager. If a new board came in and decided to keep him, then I guess we’d all have to accept it, forget about the past and hope he can show what he can do. Still got major doubts about his ability, we won yesterday but the performance was still dodgy. Given the choice, I’d still rather see him go. Anyone changed their minds?

The answers were as follows:

Danvilla2 No. Still has to go. Blues had more chances than us yesterday, and it was the fans who made the team win not the manager. We need a few decent signings in the summer, and I wouldn’t let DOL loose with the money. One game doesn’t make a season, he still needs to go.

Deanovilla Still gotta go. All this praising of the fans makes me sick as we all know his true feelings. I cant help but think somebody with a bit of nouse about the game might get a hell of a lot more out of the players we have.

dannydeeavfc With new owners then yes a clean sweep all round would be good but if we have to start next season with Doug still at the helm and no money to spend then DOL should carry on as he knows the players that are available to him. At the start of the season I expected a mid table finish with what DOL has had available to him and unfortunately we have the same kind of season to look forward to next season apart from the derby matches while Doug is still there

Jay81 Yeah, he still needs to go. I was just wondering who would replace him though. With talk of certain managers being in the running for the England position it has been said that Alan Curbishley is looking to get out of Charlton this summer whether he gets the England post or not. Is he someone who could come to Villa and do something?

Derbyvillan Time for ODreary to pack up and leave now.

was_danrenshaw Sundays results papers over the cracks still want him out. You all know what the banner says!!! Just in case you DON’T – WE’RE NOT FICKLE WE JUST DON’T LIKE YOU.

Fletch We still need him out but when. Who is better and available, would Doug pay compensation to O`Flippingheck ? Do you want Doug to appoint the next Villa manager ? Best wait until the new owners ? come in…. My next concern is our pre-season and summer transfer cash, plus players leaving. Barry, Milner, Cahill, Ridgewell, and Mellberg.

Was BFR JNR He has to go, it would have been nice to see him come and applaud the Holte end after the final whistle. I think a clean break is best for all concerned, and then goodbye to Doug as all powerful chairman too.

Aronno7 Still hasn’t changed my mind, but at least I’ll have one good memory to look back on from his tenure now. He’s already burnt his bridges and even if this does relieve the pressure all it would take would be another mini poor run for peoples memories to return. I’ve already said this once today but its a shame he couldn’t get that sort of performance out of the lads on a regular basis, as it would be a completely different story for him now if he could.

So what do you think? Vote on the poll or join up and have your say in the forum!


6 Replies to “Villa v Blues Papers Over Cracks?”

  • At the moment the poll has 50% saying they want O’Leary to stay (that said, the poll is only 1 hour old!) so who are you and why do you want him to remain? Oh, and has Damian from Villa Blog seen it, he’ll want your names and addresses to pay you a visit

  • I can’t believe 34% want him to stay after 1 derby win. Maybe we are a fickle bunch of sugarbags afterall?

  • o,leary needs to work hard at winning the fans over opinion is that given the right backing he can still achieve great things at gt said in the mercury on sunday,the problem is a lot deeper than just the manager.doug ellis is the captain

  • I’ve never said I want him to go or want him stay. I do however believe he’s been stuck between “a rock and hard place” with Doug on one side and the supporters on the other. He wasn’t going bite the hand that feeds him (would you?), so he tried to lower

  • I have to say that I am now of the opinion that removal of O’Leary whilst Ellis is still in charge may not be the best option, that said you can count on one hand the good performances his charges have put in this season and very few if any have been fant

  • I still stick by my view that getting rid of DOL while Ellis remains at the helm is a complete waste of time and effort, not forgetting the considerable compensation figure that would have to be handed over to O’Leary and his crew. Maybe I’m wrong, and ma

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