Date: 19th September 2010 at 3:42pm
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First off… RIP to the Bolton fan who – if I have my facts straight – travelled down on one of the Bolton fan coaches and sadly had a heart attack around 30 mins before kick off, he was rushed to hospital but unfortunately passed away later in the day.


Now for the game.

Chris Mann from Bolton site Burnden Aces said in a quick post match chat with me:

‘Good game today. Would have taken a point before the game but apart from the first 25-30 minutes, your boys seemed off the boil. Only 2 shots on target against a goalkeeper with 1 Premier League match under his belt. I wasn’t sure about the Chungy penalty. It did look a decent shout, but he’d knocked the ball about 30 yards away by the time he went down. The one on Elmander looked more likely to me but us Bolton fans (all 20 of us) didn’t have the best angle to see it so hopefully MOTD will help us out.’

Adding, ‘I suppose the bright side for you is you got a point without really getting into second gear and in the end, it’s us that are a little disappointed not to have got all three after that last 20 minutes.’

So there you go. Looking on the bright side, Villa got a point without getting out of second gear.

The key for us is do we have a first gear? Hopefully Gerard Houllier will be able to answer that for us in the coming weeks along with his New Backroom Team.

Put simply, our football has got to improve if we stand a chance of getting the fans back on the terraces, well bums on seat but you know what I mean. We’ve played less long ball since Big Mac has taken charge and they have at least tried to play some of the football on the ground but truth be told, we are still not really looking that much of a threat or when we do threaten, the front players fluff the chances. We have to be more clinical, we all know that – including the players.

I find it difficult these days doing match reports because the games sort of merge into one and there are only so many times you can say ‘what the f*** was the referee doing’ although yesterdays was truly awful stopping the game at every turn!

We lose the battle so often in midfield and there lies the key, maybe Gary McAllister and Sid Cowans can get that sorted and hopefully Ashley Young will return to the wing?

I digress.. mainly because I am finding it difficult to come up with the highlights. There were chances both ways, towards the end I – along with many thousand I’m sure – feared a ‘Stoke’ ie a late winner after we’d taken the lead. The goal – from a well earnt free kick – was taken beautifully by Ashley Young. Must admit I was probably the only one in the ground fuming, I’d had £20 (from the spend £10 and get £20 free bet deal we at VF emailed out) on Downing being the first scorer. I’d already ‘spent’ my £295 winnings… note to self, that is why you don’t bet !

So 1-0 and time to press for another right?


As per usual, that was us almost done and dusted. Stephen Ireland had the only other real chance of note that I can remember (with that said, my brain ache savaged memory isn’t the best!) when he ran through the defence and shot (trying to place the ball) just wide. That would have been a lovely goal, much more to come from him I am quite sure.

So, a point earnt or 2 points lost? Well, at home, we needed all three points against opponents like that. Next up, Blackburn Rovers in the cup with a new manager. All hail the next new era… all prayers and hopes go to the new man to do what no other has been able to do since 96 … get us back to winning silverware.


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  • Saw the ambulance taking the fan away before the game. So sad, puts football into perspective. Condolences to his family and friends.

  • must agree with the ref being substandard, how many times did zat knight foul gabby and get away with it?
    plus how did carews shirt get torn in half!!
    problem was again to many balls going sideways and backwards and not looking to kill the game off. to

  • From Bolton News…. A BOLTON Wanderers fan died at the match against Aston Villa.

    The 77-year-old, from Little Lever, collapsed in the stand as the players were warning up at their away trip at Villa Park.

    Paramedics tried to resuscitate the m

  • The ref blew a few times for what I thought were free kicks to Villa, only to give them the other way badge, amazing stuff really!

  • Sad to hear about the bolton fan….As far as the game goes, nothing good to say about it, was a very boring game, poor football and no a poor performance all round really.

  • very true fear. but looking on the posatives, another good display from young marc and luke young, never understood warnocks yellow card but would like him to stand up a bit more rather then dive in. any news on why dunne was taken off at half time?


  • he has a re-occuring knee problem badge. Agreed, Albrighton looks the bees knees doesn’t he? And SO good to have Luke back in the set up!

  • true fear, what i like about the kid is his quick feet, he has the ability to find an extra yard which really cannot be taught, though think john robertson might have something to do with it lol great to see luke as adds a bit of balance to the team. hope

  • steff_the_villan, well put about the bolton fan, wouldn’t have begrudged a bolton win for the man, god bless him.

  • Wolves next. We would like to hear your thoughts on how things are going to pan out. Get on our site and leave us some thoughts. Ill post a preview soon and we can take ir from there. To get the ball rolling I think it will end 1-1

  • I have to agree with the Petrov comment, I do have alot of time for him but he’s just not strong enough to run the midfield with Ireland, strangely enough we missed Reo today, someone with an engine and putting the boot in. As for upfront, god help us ple

  • RIP indeed. That is sad news, and sort of puts the game itself into perspective. NRC was missed, he should definitely have been in the starting line-up. The guy has his failings, but right now, he offers us things that we simply dont have available elsewh

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