Date: 15th May 2007 at 11:31am
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Villa have released a statement surrounding the West Ham situation and the possibility of legal action following their survival.

It reads:

There has been much speculation surrounding the potential of legal action against the Premier League’s sanction on West Ham United and their fielding of ineligible players.

Aston Villa’s position is that we have been following the Premier League’s agreed strategy and we are awaiting a detailed update in the next few days, when we are expecting an explanation of some of the complexities of this scenario.


No doubt the dealings at West Ham were ‘dodgy’ BUT it is my belief that the 20 Premier League chairmen agreed the three members of the independent committee (all lawyers I believe) and signed an agreement to go with whatever the tribunal said. The decision was a £5.5million fine as opposed to the docking of points. If Dave Whelan or the other chairman did sign an agreement to be bound by the terms, then I’m sorry, tough! If not, then this could play and play.

The issue at hand has to be why the FA and PL don’t have set rules and also, why is it one rule for one and not for others? (eg AFC Wimbledon were docked 18 points – later amended to 3 for a similar infraction. Bury were thrown out of the FA Cup for a breach of rules, even the likes of Rotherham and more recently Leeds were docked 10 points for going into receivership). So if the penalties are clear for others, why weren’t they clear for West Ham? Do the FA no longer control the PL, if that is the case, then it should be made clear to us all.

It can’t be that difficult to set the rules, lets face it, if we get caught speeding we know we’ll get 3 points on our license + a fine. Sort it out FA and PL, the last thing this game needs is for relegation and/or promotion to be decided in the courts.

To be fair, West Ham should be fined for fielding Tevez anyway, puts me right off my dinner looking at that ugly mug, although if Villa were to buy him, I’d get over that, what a player!


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  • If there was ever any doubt about the registration of Tevez (and West Ham subsequently pleaded guilty) he should have been suspended pending the findings of the enquiry. This is the normal proceedure in any other industry. To allow an illegal player to have an influence on games is an injustice for which an £5.5 million fine cannot compensate.

    There is a precendent that has been set for this………..the last time West Ham fielded an illegal player they were forced to replay the match………against Villa in the League Cup. They should be forced to replay the games in which he has played or failing that be docked a point for every game.

  • Fifa will relegate West Ham, Sepp Blatter pretty much said that in a statement to Sky Sports News

  • TheQ that about sums it up. If you play an illegal player in the FA Cup for one game then you are kicked out of the competition (Bury FC for example). This applies to European Games as well. West Sham played two (Tevez and Mascherano) illegal players on three occasions ( I believe) and one (Tevez) illegal player on a further 21 occassions. It is incomprehensible to just be given a fine (which is not a punishment at all in real terms) for these offences. they should be punished by a 3 point penalty for each offence. This would mean a total punishment of 81 points. 41 points to be taken from this season and a 40 point reduction for the start of next season. I can pretty much guarantee that this offence would not happen again!!! The example used ealier regarding the re match against Villa was because the illegal player was on the pitch for 8 minutes as a late substitute (I can not remember his name). That was also a genuine mistake not the blatant lies and deceit that applies to the current offences. Talk of a 3 point ban is a mere smokescreen for the actual severity of the ban they should receive.

  • Cant help but feel that West Ham have escaped extremely lightly over this whole sordid affair. They blatantly and knowingly abused the rules, while presumably laughing behind the backs of all other premiership clubs, and yet all they receive as punishment is a mere telling off and a go stand in the corner. Its not right, and in my opinion all other premiership outfits should be demanding a more severe penalty. However, if a code of conduct and punishment has been previously agreed by all clubs, then over-throwing such a lenient penalty is not going to be an easy task.

  • glensider your views are almost always spot on. On this particular issue you are correct about abiding by the rules and decisions of an agreed independent body. However we always know that there are many ways to skin a cat. Lets hope that somebody can find a way to skin West Ham …… the dirty, cheating, lying scumbags. I think that as soon as they became owned by some Icelandic fishermen we should have realised something fishy was going on!!! I think they have had us all in the net. Hook line and sinker. Their plaice is in the championship. Oh my cod, what am I saying. They have kippered us all.

  • We need to await the full details when published,by all accounts there is no actual problem with him being registered to play it was just the ownership issue which is why the delay occurred with Mascerano into Liverpools team,Premiership sanctioned the deal in a rush at the end of August – they took West Hams word on issues and they shouldn`t have.

  • Tevez has gone back to Argentina anyway i think, he wont be playing for them next season.

  • The league table doesn’t lie. This only surfaced when the Hammers started winning games. There has always been inconsistencies in football going way back.

  • I have got agree with MON – where you end up is where you deserve to be – Shf Utd had the same amount of games as us and at the end of the day they didn’t get the required number to avoid relegation. The West Ham situation, which is a sham, wouldn’t be an issue if the clubs above them had get enough wins.

  • I don’t agree with the argument about it being over a season in this particular case. WH had the services of an excellent player, who shouldn’t have been allowed to play for WH until the registration had been sorted. This broke the rules and gave WH an unfair advantage over other teams who abide by the rules. Tevez was by far the saviour of WH and teams such as Shef U and Charlton, who broke no rules, must now be thinking, like most other Clubs, that taking a financial hit by fielding an ineligible player is the way forward if it saves them from relegation and guarantees them £30m additional revenue. I think it?ll be more interesting when Tevez leaves WH, for the reported £30m, and who this transfer fee goes too. I?m sure the 3rd party agent will not sit back and let his cut go to WH. On another note, I for one am sick of the London mafia press who are all predominately Spurs, Arsenal or WH fans trying to gloss over the situation because of their allegiances towards their favoured Clubs in the capital. If this had been Wigan fielding Tevez there would have been an outcry from all the London press. I?m sure they would be writing daily columns about the situation, trying to get the point penalty imposed.

  • Where do you lot get your information from? You’re all talking rubbish. Neither player was ever inelligable to play. West Ham were fined on a technicallity. I think they were actually treated very harshly and to have docked them points and relegated them would have been totally disproportionate.
    I’ve always quite liked West Ham because of the way they play football and feel no sorrow for SU who play crap football and quite simply weren’t good enough.

  • Funny how people have opinions but when you disagree the only argument you can put forward is “you’re talking rubbish? it just goes to show your level of intelligence. The full facts have not been released yet but what we know, because WH and the Premier League have both admitted them are that WH and Terrance Brown lied to the Premier League over the registration and ownership of Tevez. They failed to tell the Premier League that Tevez was owned by a third party even though they knew he was. This is fact. So why did they do this? Because they knew it was against Premier League rules and disclosure would have held up the signing. It looks pretty clear cut to me and not rubbish. The level of punishment is the debatable issue as Clubs who have previously signed players against the rules have been docked points. This case only goes to prove that that the Premier League have made a rod for their own back and shown their weakness by not implementing a similar punishment. This has opened the flood gates for future irregularities over signings because the precedent set in this case of only imposing a financial penalty. Rubbish? I think not.

  • Hoss, well put fella. The only reason that Tevez and Masherano ever played for a little club like West Sham was because of the illegal third party ownership. Without this they would never have signed for them. As such, without them West Sham would have been relegated. The points docking is the only reasonable punishment and Richard Scudamore should resign his position immediately for overseeing the whole farce.

  • Another ?irregularity? which the Premier League allowed West Ham to get away with was the buying out of the third party ownership. Once the Premier League knew about the third party ownership they gave WH time and permission to buy out the agents third party ownership. The right step they would have us believe but this was done outside of the transfer window and hence WH and the Premier League created their own transfer window to make the signing conform with the rules. Any other Club who don?t have the right documentation in place either within the transfer window or by midnight of the final day are not allowed to sign a player. So why were the rules again broken to accommodate Tevez and WH?

  • You’re still talking rubbish, third party ownership is not illegal and this is not what West Ham were fined for. You seem to be basing your opinion on the crap McCabe and Whelan are spouting. Instead of beliving what you read in the tabloids why don’t you actually read what the PL have said.

  • unclejonesy you really do not have a scooby doo do you? West Ham admitted guilt over the ‘third party’agreement. They agreed to tear it up, although written proof that this happened has still to be presented. The PL are hiding behind the cover of the Independent Panel that made the decison. So take off your blinkers and ear muffs and see and hear what 99% of the football industry have said. Everybody except those with a financial interest, or who actually support West Sham believe that there has been a grave injustice. The simple fact is without the third party agreement and the breaking of the rules, these players would not have gone to West Sham. Without these players they would have been one of the three poorest teams in the league. Sheffield United, although poor, would have finished above them. Get over it.

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