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malacaxeta is next for the Vital Villa interview.

malacaxeta is next for the Vital Villa interview.

1) When did you become a Villa fan and why?

October 1971 (12 yrs old) . I grew up in S Leics. One day I just decided I was going to the Villa, went into town (Leicester) telling my parents I was going to hang around the shops all day (as one did). Luckily I had a paper round. Got on the train to New St (33 mins) train to Aston. Think it was Sunderland game. Back the same way, in time for my tea at 7pm. This went on for at least a season before they found out. That was pretty much just When, wasn´t it ? Dont know the Why really, although first game was actually 1968 when randomly on a family visit to friends in Rochdale and someone insisted on taking me to Old Trafford – I remember people booing the ref ! I don’t know how many travelled to Old Trafford in them days. I think it involved vaccinations.

2) Paul Lambert? Your opinion please?

Frankie Boyle´s brother obviously visited when he was at Aston U and it made an impression.

3) Best and worst moments of last season?

Best – Weimann goal vs Fulham (a true Holte End moment) and Ireland off the line vs Sunderland.
Worst – seeing McLeech backslapping with Fergustein and the Norwegian One at the FA Reserve final at Old Trafford All together now – Mmmm.

4) Your opinion of Randy Lerner and the board, can a decent season next season make up for last season?

Opinion – we need a new owner (sorry but we do – read what Browns fans think of him and why)
Answer – No. Unless we win the title.

5) Which player/s should Villa sign this summer?

Somebody thought Lugano was on a Bosman from PSG but sadly I think this to be inaccurate.

6) Which player/s should Villa get rid of this summer?

Blimey O Reilly – quite a few. Not the Fonz though. I keep reading ‘he has had his chance’ When was that then?? Houllier blanked him out and so did McLeech. When did he get a run of starts in the team like Weimann got last season…….? Not Gabby either.

7) Favourite current player?


8) Favourite all time player/s?

Chico. And at the risk of being controversial – Stan Collymore. Never a dull moment, lets face it. The one guy I can remember being signed simply because he was one of us.

9) What do you expect us to do/finish this season assuming a decent transfer window with £25m or so spent?

Premier Winners
FA Cup: Winners
Carling: Runners up (losing to Man U in the final 🙂 🙂

10) You can ask yourself any question you want to about Villa and what is your answer?

Why are they the greatest team the world has ever seen……?
Because they are.

11) Just to change the theme slightly, a snap shot of you outside of football, answer or ignore at your leisure:
(based on our WHO ARE YOU thread!!!)

a) Which celebrity/s would you most like to meet and why? Pele. So I can tell him why I believe Romario was better than him.

b) Age 49-53 (thats when the prices really start going up…or down)

c) Location: North East

d) Favourite alcoholic drink: Drambuie

e) Favourite non-alcoholic drink: non-alcoholic Drambuie

f) Favourite Film/s: In Search of Anna, Blow Up, Zabriskie Point

g) Favourite TV Show/s: Take Three Girls. Missing Believed Wiped though

h) Music?: Moby Grape, Family, Roxy Music (w/Eno), L Feat, S Dan, Joe Perry (by himself) INXS, Julian Cope (pre-1999), RHCP, The RAF

I also remember listening to all of Led Zeppelin 2 on the cushions at the old Virgin shop on Corporation St and then leaving without making a purchase. That requires having to ask them to put the other side on half way through, btw.

i) Best ever moment in your life: managing to kick Gary Lineker when I played against him at school. Most of us failed to connect. We lost 9-1. Only two names on the scoresheet (yes really – now you see why we were trying to kick him) . Arguably the best English player ever…after Chico.

j) Ambitions: To meet Pele

k) Wise words: Kumbaya My Lord. Kumbaya. Also – what you have to realise about the 1970-82 era is that, those who were there truly believe that the club were carried along on a wave comprising all of the Holte End, and the Witton End when they used to sing. Plus all the local players who participated (same difference). No money. No superstars. Probably never happen again like that with any club. But we have to draw the line. So – anyone who doubts that this club cannot win again needs to be taken outside and shot, in the nicest possible way of course. We were very close in the first EPL season and for about a week in the MON era it looked viable again. Villa Rule – OK.

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  • LOL… love that, a secret Villan. What did your parents say when they finally found out then!??!

  • well – what happened was – i wanted to go th the Chesterfield game in 72, only it was a Tuesday night and there were no viable transport options, or I didnt have the cash ….. I went on and on about having the money to go etc etc…so in the end my old m

  • LOL.. evil plan by your dad! Genius as well mind. But you can’t keep a Lion away from Villa Park can you!? Love it! First time dad too me and my bro we got to the ground and there were signs saying it was frozen off. I could have cried… in fact, I

  • Exactly why I extole the virtues of positive suport, we DID make it happen (scientific studies back up our 70’s findings : )

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