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Vital Villa Summer 2011 Interviews: The Fear

Vital Villa Summer 2011 Interviews: The Fear

How do you do one I hear you cry? Click here and find out! YOUR TURN: The Vital Villa Interviews..

1) When did you become a Villa fan and why?

Born and bred, generations of Villa fans, it is the one thing I`d not buck the trend on … What a glorious thing to be born into, the claret and blue faith.

2) Alex McLeish? Your opinion please?

Well……..! First off, shock! Got a call from a press guy asking my reaction on the Saturday night, bit out of the blue. He insisted he had a diamond source and it was ‘on`. I felt a bit sick and shocked and just nervously laughed! I said at the time I thought it impossible. I know some fans still do, hence a summer of doom from some. However, once it went from rumour to fact, I soon – as I always do – rallied. What else can you do but to hope and support? The feelings of the fans will be made clear if it doesn`t work out but that is an IF. Now he is Villa boss, he`s getting my support and I don`t care what anyone else thinks of that. That is what fans do surely?

I`m disappointed that some feel so strongly as to stay away, their choice obviously, seems a shame that those who aren`t pleased can`t see that this ‘might` work out. In fact, it might end up great? Got to give him the season now surely?

Must admit, I think it a brave move and a mad move and I`ve told a couple of board members that so I`m not being two faced. It could end up an act of genius, my worry is the pressure is on from the start, some won`t give him time and if it doesn`t work, the board and owner will also be under a lot of pressure. Then again, some fans have forgotten football is meant to be a laugh as well. If he doesn`t work out, we get a new manager, same as any club really…?

So, fingers crossed. Did meet him, he impressed me, he was calm and assured and also had the utmost respect for the Villa… he is absolutely chuffed to be here. Can`t recall the last three managers feeling that way. If he shows Villa respect and the players are as behind him as it appears right now, this might just be a good season!

3) Best and worst moments of last season?

Newcastle, shocking. Man City in December, one of the most gruesome things I`ve ever seen. Villa fans leaving at half time. AWAY FANS leaving? And they were right to. Shambles. Was sad to see.

Best… Arsenal away… nice times, keep it up Villa!

4) Your opinion of Randy Lerner?

Well, I get slated for liking him and the board at times but I think I`m allowed an opinion and to me he is a cut above most in the Premiership ownership wise. I like the fact he isn`t in the press all the time, he is calm and assured, he has backed the managers and yes, fair enough, last season was a massive mistake. We are allowed to make mistakes aren`t we? The previous owner got through a good few managers as well. He`s sorted the business better, he`s got the infrastructure right and he`s treated the club well and with respect. Now I know the last bit will grate with some because of the McLeish appointment but sorry, even though I was amongst those saying ‘no` (albeit for different reasons, I didn`t want the fan split) NO Club listens to fans when appointing a manager and I would say no Club ever should really. It is a gamble, Randy is a big boy, he knows he`ll live or die by these decisions.

All in all, I`m in favour of this board and support them. I also don`t think that Randy, if someone approached with more money and bigger plans, would stand in the Clubs way from making more progress.

I`d like to see ALL the Downing money spent / re-invested to settle the nerves of some fans though. I also think the pr could go up a notch + would like our screen back in the corner of the Witton/North stand!

I am intrigued to see how this season goes and hope that the youth/academy players are as good as we all dream they are. They are trying a different approach and lets face it, the old approach of buying high priced players with no sell on and high wages hasn`t worked so maybe this will push us forward?

5) Which player/s should Villa sign this summer?

I`d say Given and N`Zogbia… oh hang on a minute! lol

Those two, I think we are sorted in defence. I`d take a punt on David Bentley if cheap enough and if we could get Scott Parker in, that would be good BUT then does that block the potential progress of Bannanaman and Delph? Also, if Defoe was available, I`d grab him!

6) Stewart Downing, now he has gone, were the Club right to sell or should have they made him see out his contract and lose the £20m?

I`m usually chilled out when players leave, they are staff, we are the fans. However this one stung and with a new manager and fresh start, with him wanting out, I am glad they got rid of him instead of playing hard ball like they did with Barry. Gareth Barry was quality, he was never going to cause problems or not play, Downing is one of the players that gives the Premiership a bad name, like Carlos Tevez etc and would have played his face I think.

I also happen to think/hope that we have done great business. £20m for him? Less than half that spent on a younger and better (?) version… Charles N`Zogbia. Villa don`t have a bottomless pit of money and should be applauded for business like that.

7) Favourite current player?

Darren Bent will be a star this season. Excited to see how Delph, Fonz and Albrighton, amongst others, progress as well. Got a great deal of time for Stiliyan Petrov as well, he`s been a good captain for us and is a nice guy as well.

8) Favourite all time player/s?

I can`t list them all. If I say Ian Taylor he MIGHT buy me a pint one of the days. Also, Sir Dennis Of Mortimer who I have been lucky enough to get to know. Top quality guy, should be central to things at Villa in my ever so humble opinion, would love to see more club ambassadors like Tayls and think OUR captain, Dennis, should be top of the tree.

9) What do you expect us to do/finish this season?

Premier: 6th… hey, we might even push in higher in the mix depending on how the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool cope this season. I think McLeish will have us solid and Bent will score, nice.
FA Cup: I already know this, we win it in a famous 5-0 against Man Utd at Wembley. Nice..!
Carling: Yes please, mine is a pint…

10) You can ask yourself any question you want to and what is your answer?

q: why?
a: why not?

q: What is your hair and beauty regime?
a: All just natural!

q: are you a twat or just misunderstood?
a: a twat

q: if Benham apologised, would you accept it?
a: no

11) Right, lets lower the tone… which celebrity would you most like to bang and which (male I would think) celeb would you most like to thump!?!

I`m 42 and pig ugly, I`d take what was offered! ;o)) I guess if they ever rescind the court order, I`d not say no to Cheryl Cole, I think we could be very happy together!?

Well, I`d not thump him, he`s too old, but I`d love to get the disgrace that is Sepp Blatter removed from office and if Platini can`t show a bit more sense in not allowing tv replays for key decisions, he can go as well.

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  • I think we should stop having these silly interviews with people who obviously know nothing and couldn’t care less about the club.

  • Agree to your reasoning re ;Alec Mcleish. Think hes going to have a tough season,will blame the board not the man if this goes wrong though. PR is an unmitigated disaster ask steve stride to come back never would have happened with him there.

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