Date: 12th February 2009 at 1:50pm
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What does Ash have to do!?

Is anyone else completely baffled by Fabio Capello!? What does Ashley Young have to do to get a start or even just some game time for England?

In recent games Capello has refused to give the lad a chance, even though he has consistently played brilliantly for the Villa. Young was named in last years PFA team of the season, if this isn’t evidence of
consistence then I don’t have a clue what is!!

Capello’s approach of picking in form players is commendable, and I suppose we can’t really complain when we are the team most represented in his English squad. However when a lad who has maintained such a level of excellence and has been awarded 3 player of the months (one as recently as January) and a place amongst the likes of Fernando Torres in the team of the season, and yet cannot get much, if any game time ahead of the likes of Downing surely we have to ask the question;


Answers on a postcard to the FA!



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  • Yup, it’s a joke. Carlton Cole is a horror show…and Downing, well…hey ho, sod it, he’s fit for us!

  • Carlton and Downing are the best players at their respective clubs but nowhere England quality, and Downing takes freekicks now???? I am boycotting England matches again. Last time was when they consistently played P. Neville but its a circus now with Beckham playing in whichever position he has reinvented himself in. No wonder we never win anything. Papers and the FA are still doing the managers job.

  • capello has done pretty well results wise but selecting downing ahead of young is making him a bit of a laughing stock im afraid. with ashley in the side do you really think we would have seen sergio ramos surging forward so often? and how bout the fact he is the best crosser of the ball in the premiership. heskey could have done with a few decent crosses last night. jeez!

  • I agree Downing doesn’t deserve his place, but I also agree with your thoughts YJ. I would be chuffed if that was the reason and hopefully Capello can tell him about it because it hurts me to see Villa players acting like that, if we score from it its worse.

  • I’m happy he didn’t play, it was only a bloody friendly and we now have a 100% fit Ashley Young, if he had got injuried and was ruled out the rest of the season you would of all been like i wish he wasn’t picked, i think Young will be a bit dispointed but im sure MON will be over the moon.

  • It was a friendly, a chance to see players in match conditions, a chance to view the good and the bad, Ash could be an automatic in, and Fabio was just checking out Downing to see if he was good enough for the bench, knee jerks anyone?

  • Nice thought Stef, could be true. Ash is possibly the most exciting England player at the moment, along with SWP and Joe Cole. Those three players are very silky players, but you need steel in the team. Capello knows that and will not play all three of them. His preferences will probably be SWP and Joe before Ash. Our lad will get his chances and plenty of them. As far as Downing is concerned; I don’t believe he is either steel or silk, I leave you to decide what he is.

  • I think it would be crazy not to play Milner Young Barry Heskey and Rooney all together in the england squad. Maybe Gabby ahead of Rooney! They already know what to look for!

  • To be honest, in response to your comment Villa4Ever, he is a young lad, who is extremely fit. Plus he has jus finished his suspension, so he is rested. Playing for England would give him a massive confidence boost, which he would bring back to Villa. Whats more it will do him good playing along side the other Villa boys. I know its a Cricket analogy but nothing beats time in the middle!

  • And on a purely selfish note, it makes me EVEN prouder of my club that we can provide so many players for our national side, and maybe i am wearing the Claret and Blue spectacles (and im sure you’ll agree im not) but i feel that we as a club, and the lad himself fully deserve that place in the England side!

  • We used to have the record for providing more players to the England team than any other club. Does anyone know if we still hold this record?

  • I’m with MON on this one. Nice to have them picked, but rather they didnt play and get injured OR happen with them what happened with Barry – a few good displays for England and the big boys come sniffing to turn heads. Remember, Barry was playing brilliantly for us for seasons and no-one paid any attention to him, it was only after proving himself for England that the scousers came in.

  • Statistically the chances of getting injured aren’t great, particularly in a friendly. Also if you consider that the Spanish team aren’t exactly known for their physicality, then I think not only would Young have more than likely not have been injured, I think he could of put in a confidence raising (for him and us! :D) display!

  • I see your point, but as I said, Barry was playing fantastically for us for seasons and was no secret, but no one came in for him until he played for england.

    He will get his chance, as will Milner, but TBH I care a lot more about AVFC than england so, with all the games we have i’d rather he had a rest.

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