Date: 18th December 2017 at 8:36am
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Gordonsleftboot asks ‘what now for Grealish?’

Let me state at the start, I have never been a fan of Grealish.

I first saw him in a friendly at Chester where he was more interested in having a bad tempered tussle with a player of clearly inferior ability than in playing football.

Since then we have had the well documented incidents and many hours spent watching what appeared to be a wasted talent. Fast forward to his last 2 or 3 small cameo performances and there were hints that he could be changing. So it was interesting to see him play yesterday.

What a different player!

He seems to have filled out and, more to the point, changed his attitude. As a result he was by far our best outfield player. In fact I would go so far as to say that if he keeps up the form and class he showed yesterday, we will have one of the best players outside of thePpremier League.

He is one the very few players we have who can take a player on, is aware of those around him and also looks to shoot whenever possible. Before the season started we were told that Grealish was to be the player Bruce built the team around. That makes obvious sense to me now.

Bruce has now said he needs to get Grealish involved, ‘without upsetting the balance’ of the team.

What balance?

Yesterday we had no forwards as opposed to the one we have been having. The midfield is still woefully weak. Hourihone and Lansbury could be tied together and still offer less than Rioch (remember him?), Mortimer, or, more recently, Petrov. Snodgrass is clearly a fairly limited Championship player, Whelan can do a job, but is also limited and Onomah is only a legend in his own mind.

That leaves Grealish. Surely he has to play and Bruce has to build around him as he said he would. With the transfer window opening soon, another option arises. Should we be looking to sell our prized asset to buy a striker? Maybe we could get £15m or more for Grealish. That would buy us a Hogan or a McCormack, so hopefully that answers that question.

Of course if we’re going to get promotion we need goals and at the moment we are just not scoring enough. That will be our downfall. But what is the point of buying a striker without giving him ammunition? Hogan is a proven scorer but watch his goals and he needs a ball to run onto, not a ball lumped up in hope.

Which of our players will ever play that ball?

Well there is one.

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13 Replies to “What Now for Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish?”

  • He’s certainly filling out, from boy to man I think. Also, the early stuff, he was a ‘kid’ now he’s growing up and hopefully (no doubt !?) he’s realising how boring it is being a fringe player, he should be our top player and hopefully now will be.

  • Whilst we are looking at team shape, can we please think about how to get Callum O’Hare more involved and look to fast track RHM, if he is fully fit now? Looking at the other promotionchasing teams, including Derby, none of them are that good, bar maybe W

  • I’m sure there’s a lot of clubs looking at Jack, lets hope this idiot is not looking to cash in and get funds for more useless mates from a previous life.

  • We seem to have the same debate about Grealish every few months. He’s got bags of talent but for me has never really done much with it – always looks far more interested in doing tricks for the crowd, than trying to grab a game by the scruff of the neck a

  • But he was young and growing (and growing up) and was over hyped by Sherwood putting huge pressure on him garygaryshaw? I’m hopeful now he’ll really do what we all wanted him to from the get go… Fingers crossed.

  • Not sure re RHM, back in training though. Definitely agree on O’Hare Gordonsleftboot… he’s got so much energy and is like a pit-bull after the oppo. I’d have him over Onomah any day of the week.

  • I’ll be as pleased as anyone if he does make it JF, but I’ve not seen enough good performances from him to change my mind yet. I’m more hopeful of Green and O’Hare

  • Well, the stage is set for the young man. He has until May to show us what he’s got in his locker (hopefully will stay injury-free).

  • I the Bruce should be Brave and give Jack and Callum a run in the team , they are by far the most skillful players we have on the books but we all know he hasn’t got the guts to do ii , he’ll pick Gabby and we’ll fail again

  • It’s obvious to many that Jack and Callum deserve a run in the team. Callum has looked great in his cameos, and in full 90 minutes pre-season and in the League cup. His last and longest Championship appearance I recall was the defeat at home to Sheff Wed,

  • I also wonder here if there has been a bit of the Terry influance on Grealish, JT leads by example has been there and maybe this is rubbing off on the likes of Grealish, thhink as other have said having Grealish for his guile and O’hare for his energy and

  • Hopefully Grealish will now kick on. We’ve had too many false dawn with him. He needs to knuckle down and grow up.

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