Date: 17th November 2019 at 8:00pm
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On Friday afternoon, Aston Villa confirmed the ticket prices for upcoming EFL Cup clash with Liverpool. Not exactly news in itself you’d have thought, as most fans will naturally be preoccupied with how unexperienced a lineup Liverpool might go for, given their other commitments, which naturally lends itself to what kind of second-string will we put out ourselves and what presumed risks, will head coach Dean Smith go for.

I’m sure plenty of fans are aware of the prices by now, and the reaction it caused – especially when people remembered that we had already struck an agreement with the Scousers that we will only be charging their fans a maximum of £20 for the tie.

Sadly our fans won’t all be paying the same, and although there were some who thought it was simply a matter of supply and demand, it seems the vast majority were going to swallow it that easily given the wider picture and the disparity.

One thing is for sure, the whole episode simply further devalues the competition as whilst there are plenty of issues here that are outside of our control, you can’t help feel that from a PR perspective it’s an own goal – Villa would’ve been far sharper to cap the prices here and spark more of a feel good factor, especially with the game being on the telebox.


Absolute Mare

Absolute Mare

It's A Quarter Final

It's A Quarter Final

Possibly the first tangible mistake of the new regime, the attendance on the day will prove them right or wrong and if wrong as many seem to expect, a harsh lesson that needs to be listened to, given we all know we’ll be making plenty of changes ourselves anyway.

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