Date: 13th June 2018 at 6:00am
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The beginning of a new week has passed, the sun is shining and the 2018/19 season gets that little bit closer for Aston Villa fans.

Well, ordinarily it would. It should. It’s how the off season is supposed to work, but the off season hasn’t factored in the cacophony of crap the club have unfortunately dealt the fans over the last few weeks owing to our ‘**** or bust’ attitude to promotion.

Prepared seems to have been a word long forgotten at B6!

We don’t need to go over old ground here, I’m sure none of us need to be that depressed whilst the weather is this good. With talk of bankrolling the club though, DeanoVilla took his own look at the figures involved, and despite some guesswork, it again leads to more questions than answers but that seems to be a common theme at the moment.

Did Aston Villa Really Gamble Given The Figures?

But this week did give rise to a new story, albeit one that wasn’t entirely unexpected given what was being reported in the media and the way things seem to be going.

The Telegraph reported that we now faced ‘further turmoil’ as former Chief Executive Officer Keith Wyness had launched a ‘constructive dismissal’ claim against the club following his earlier suspension.

John Percy’s report is a little light on facts it’s fair to say and the Telegraph is not the outlet it used to be so the speculation should be treated for what it is and fans should certainly not draw straws, paint lines in the sand or pick sides until we know far more than we currently do. With that said Percy isn’t often that wide of the mark.

The report uses emotive language for good reason – it wants clicks – and whilst it’s a distraction fans don’t want, it hardly places us into ‘turmoil’ or threatens our future as loosely intimated with current financial concerns. It’s a business, you have insurances for a start to deal with legal actions.

The report states that following his suspension, he has now officially left the club and terminated his directorship as a member of the board. It states he ‘could’ be claiming up to £6million with the ‘could’ meaning they have no clue.

The figure would be based on estimated wages/contract still to run and expected bonuses for finishing where we did in the Championship table. Most will be contractually based and either yes entitled or no, not entitled.

Fans really shouldn’t be throwing their toys given what we know at this stage.

The interesting point is the Telegraph reference that additional legal action could be taken against Chief Commerical Officier Luke Organ and Executive Assistant Rongtian He.

They quickly state ‘reasons are unknown’ on that front, whilst restating they could be heading for a ‘tribunal’ themselves. I am suspicious, however, as Organ carries the job title ‘chief commercial offer’ in the report.

It’s not going to be a quiet summer folks. I’d keep the hard hats on for the next few weeks.

Comments are closed on this one folks, for your own safety – again I urge caution before lines in the sand are drawn based on speculation alone.

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