Date: 25th June 2018 at 6:20pm
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With Aston Villa’s future continuing to be in doubt for many fans who more naturally fear the worst, there is finally a firm piece of news today that may provide some relief, albeit short-term once again.

With financial issues well covered, I don’t need to repeat the stories of the last few weeks, but recently there was speculation that bills due at the end of the month were taken care of as Dr Tony Xia scampers around for finance and small investors.

There was no indication as to how the bills had been taken care of but there was a heavier swing away from small investors to a potential full sale – which is obvious given how long this has now been rumbling on.

We may have an answer to where the cash came from thanks to the Birmingham Mail a short time ago this afternoon.

They have been keeping their eye on Companies House documents and it appears our relationship with Macquarie Bank Limited has another string to it. Fans may remember the name from:

Talks Stall With Defender As Villa Planning Loses Us More Cash

Having reportedly sold ‘future income due’ to the bank for the outstanding portion of the Jordan Amavi deal in return for a quick cash infusion, we have now apparently done the same on the outstanding payment for Jordan Veretout.

For those with a more finance based mind – Click Here.

You can make your own minds up on what this actually means moving forward but it’s another sticking plaster in my mind.

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13 Replies to “Xia’s Kingdom For A Loan – Finally A Proper Financial Update Of Sorts”

  • I think your thoughts are pretty close to the mark.

    A large influx of funding is needed quickly to ease the cash flow pressure. Other tn a couple of large player sales to buy some time, a new investor is needed quickly.

    I wonder whether Dr T will ultimately have to hand over control to another. Despite his wish to hang on, I am not sure he is offering enough back in return to entice enough minority share holder interest.

    • Small investors won’t do it for me as those with cash aren’t going to donate it and effectively fund Xia so he can remain as chairman/owner. Whatever his issues are they aren’t going away any time soon, so why would you invest when the money situation is screwed towards you dipping in again? These short-term deals are just making things tighter for us on a Financial Fair Play front as well. It might solve the immediate issue but it’s growing the hole, so actually self-defeating.

  • Met an old lady someyears back whos father was a musician on the ” Titanic”
    XIA playing the same tune while iceberg has struck AVFC. Sadly there’s no way
    back. The epitaph was written by Fate and many suffer by others foresight

  • Can I please have a loan from this bank………The thing is a whole mess at the moment and I’m sorry to say even more embarrassing at the moment now having clicked on the link for those with a more finance based mind (above) I’m no solicitor or accountant but please WTF !!!!, first off you need to look at
    21 Jun 2018 Registration of charge 025028220003, created on 18 June 2018, now as I understand this, this Is a loan taken out from an Australian bank on the sale / Transfer of Carlos Sanchez Moreno to Fiorentina for a total price of 1,750,000 over two payments which were due to be paid to the club as follows, 1,000,000 euros on the 5th July and the balance on the 5th Jan 2019, I suspect we now have spent that money,, this I were It gets interesting now go to 14 Feb 2018
    Registration of charge 025028220002, created on 2 February 2018 we now seem to have a loan from the same Australian bank who loaned the money for the Sanchez deal but this time It’s for 8 million euros with
    Carlos Sanchez Moreno going to Marseille, how can we have a loan from a bank for the same player who goes to two different clubs????

    • Kevo, I couldn’t place the 1st charge shortly after takeover. 2nd was the already reported Sanchez/Amavi initial claims and that, to my knowledge, has been spent coming from February. 3rd I’m assuming will/has gone on end of June/beginning of July bills. 3rd charge (June) is Veretout though. With Sanchez the insurance again I think.

  • What I don’t understand is the following logic. Dr T can’t get his money out of China. So he needs other investors to join him. So he is looking to fellow Chinese to plug the gap. To do that, they will need to get their money out of China. Mmm how?

    • Yes, exactly!

      From my understanding money out is capped at a figure per year and that’s what he’s butted against so I guess his plan is Chinese investors who won’t hit that cap.

      As said above though why would you minority invest knowing you immediately become the go to for more investment before Xia can put the next whack in?

      As you rightly point out, if the investors are Chinese under the new rules and they need extra tapping they’ll end up tapped out as well and we’re back to square one.

  • Mike, the Chinese issues seem complete BS to me. Add the Villa scenario to the film debacle – did he ever buy them? – and there is only one realistic solution, no cash. It seems that Wynnes has mates at the Mirror and they keep plugging the line that KW was pushed out after he was seeking to put the club into Administration. Why would he do that unless the truth is that the good Dr doesn’t have the wherewithall.

    • Not complete BS but there’s certainly a question as to how applicable – and as you say yes, the whole film thing appears to be a never-ending question as well. The Mirror certainly have their angle nailed to the mast – still more questions than answers.

    • no the deal fell through the first instalment was never paid, and no contact could be made with recon as to the reason of the pullout.

  • Spot on Gordon. Unable to take a couple of mil out of China. Utter crap. He is a gambler. Never should of passed fit and proper. Lerner sold us to the highest bidder. Kw was sacked cause he knew way to much about Dr x problems. He will win case against us easy. Player asset stripping to commence. We will be lucky to have 40 mil of players left. The only positive. Is we will be rock bottom with very few players earning over 20k. It’s a new dawn. Start a new regime with a football philosophy and a youth orientated system. It’s time to plant a new seed. Gabby has robbed this club of over 40 mil. Hope those days are gone.

  • The latest document shouldn’t have even been accepted, the page for fiorentina has the paymens in € and the page for the EFL shows the same values in £. They aren’t linked and could end up poles apart in real value. They can’t get anything right can they?

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