Date: 5th May 2009 at 5:07pm
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A Little recent history lesson

I know its nice to think times at Villa have never been so good, especially when we MAY reach our highest finish position since the 96/97 season when we finished 5th, but consider this little fact:

In Deadly’s last reign in the PL from the 1988/99 season when we finished 17th of 20 teams, Villa have only finished out of the top 10 on 5 occasions.

90/91 we were 17th
94/95 we were 18th
02/03 we were 16th
05/06 we were 16th
06/07 we were 11th

Not bad really for the man we were all so happy to leave when Randy bought the club.

In fact during Doug’s reign of penny pinching economics, regular changes of management, etcetera we actually finished 2nd twice, yes 2nd and 4th in 95/96.

Yes football has changed tremendously since, of course, costs are higher, but so is revenue, with attendances up across the board, not just at Villa Park and media money is beyond what could have been dreamed of in his first season back in 88/89,

The present Boards stated aim is to put out a side able to compete week in week out with the aim to gain regular European qualification and return those heady days of the early 80’s pre Ellis, when we won the League and subsequently the European Cup.

I know it suits the everything is marvelous in the garden argument, but when fans argue that achieving the EC is nothing special, Notts Forest did it twice after all, I wonder just how low some fans will go to prove the present manager is supreme above all his predecessors. When you consider few British clubs have ever won that accolade its demeaning to suggest its no mean achievement. Its a disgrace especially to hear a Villa fan suggest it, especially when today’s outfit, despite a tremendous effort have yet to achieve more than 6th a target Ellis met or beat 7 times in his second term in the PL.

The signs are good, with 3 games to go 5th and a real European qualification is a great achievement in only 3 seasons even considering the money spent, but there is some way to go yet, to achieve the 4th and
two 2nds achieved under Ellis to say nothing of the wondrous 80/81 season and of course that pinnacle in Rotterdam



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  • Can see why you love Ellis, he did sign our saviour MO’N and know what a big fan you are of his!!

  • Oh Jesus – should we even bother, I wonder … And you point is what, avfc — that we should have been really grateful for Doug’s barren years, and that we would be better off with him back? As for your “everything is marvelous in the garden argument” and your wondering “just how low some fans will go to prove the present manager is supreme above all his predecessors”, you really don’t get the point, do you? If you and your bedmate would leave off whinging and carping about MON at every opportunity, deserved or not, there would not be such a reaction and there would be a more balanced debate. Capiche?

  • And if Ellis would have not sacked so many managers maybe we would won something under his tenure. I’m afraid AV48 i watched the demise of our great club! WE was league champions and European cup holders. Then came Ellis!!!! Now that’s history my friend….

  • I acctually disagree that the signs are good. The signs are in fact very bad, exactly because O’Neill is our manager. This is as good as it gets for us under O’Neill, and it isn’t remotely good enough. He should go and manage Bolton or West Ham, clubs who would be delighted to challenge for qualification for the Europa League, and every so often qualify for it. I will be astonished if we finish higher than 8th next season. Far more likely is that we’ll finish in the bottom half. Too many fans seem unable to see beyond the ends of their noses – much like our current manager.

  • MON must be given a chance Albamista. He did very well for half a season. Next year it may only be quarter of a season or it may be three quarters of a season and that may win us the league as others may fare worse. All maybe’s except this season up until Jan. For now we must get behind him and give him a chance. I am as disappointed as the next fan about our form of the last couple of months but Rome wasn’t built in a day and Randy is only about the 7th richest chairman in England now so he can’t buy his way to a trophy. Armageddon is not yet here and there’s always next year. If you are right and we finish midtable then the axe may be wielded but without spending 100mil plus the next manager will be left with the same squad and it will only take longer for success to arrive.

  • Exactly what are the bad signs Albarnista? I think there have been disappointments and mistakes, but what are the actual bad signs?

  • If we sacked MON anytime in the next 6 months, I think we’d become the poisoned chalice that is NUFC. We need to give MON another season. If we make a decline, I think we need to make an honest assessment on whether that is down to poor man management and decisions by MON or whether it’s because we’ve not the firepower to compete with the other big teams in the league. I’m not sure besides the big mistake of Moscow what people feel MON is doing so drastically wrong.

  • There aren’t any VOTH – the guy just hates MON – nocmatter what MON does. MON has made mistakes – name me ONE manager that hasn’t – me thinks playing fifa09 all day has muddled Albarnista’s brain. ;o)

  • A reasonable point made by 48 but going over the Ellis years is now pointless. The consortium of which he was part of at the end of the 60’s was key to saving the club and putting it back on the map again. When he left in 79 that should have been it. But no, his ego got in the way. He then returned in 1982 after we had won the League and European Cup to take the best club in Europe to relegation/promotion and 2 league cup wins. Cheers Doug!!! The apathy from the Ellis years still stinks in many places (you only have to read the negativity of many posters) to realise that the Boards biggest off field challenge is to revitalise the intimidating place that Villa Park used to be. The editor of this site campaigned for years for his removal from Villa Park. However he now complains when I constantly endeavor for increased passionate and vocal support at VP. Pot and kettle!

  • Interestingly I asked him (Albernista) in a previous article where his season ticket is for, because he strikes me as a fan of the internet, have it all now generation. I would guess at him saying he is a regular because he has been to a few games, but am happy to stand corrected. It is usually those who contribute the least who moan the most.

  • Well said voiceoftheholte, this guy Albernista is a real clown, prob doesnt go to may games at all or even played football himself or he is a wind up merchant blue nose in disguise. Mon is a good manager and he is just jealous cos he keeps gettin relegated in championship manager. UP THE VILLA

  • astonsteve, my thoughts exactly! One of the previous posts here (Match stats from Hull game) was posted by me as this muppet Albarnista just loves to slag off MON even if the post is not about him! Here is a challenge to all on here, let’s see if you can find a post from this er…….bluenose wannabe that doesn’t include a rant against MON.

  • The Moscow debacle, that screwed the fans and the players in equal measure, and exposed a lack of belief AND a lack of foresight and organisation on O’Neill’s part. The signing of players who have then not been given a chance, whether that be in terms of being played in an unfamiliar position, or not being played at all. The signing of players who HAVE been given a chance, and have failed. The impending departure of Gareth Barry, a player who might not be bigger than the club, but is a damn sight bigger than O’Neill. (The suggestion that Barry owes O’Neill anything is utterly ludicrous. It’s actually the other way round.) The impending retirement of Martin Laursen. replacing both of these players is absolutely crucial for us to mertely stand still. Doing so would be very difficult even if we had a manager who knew what he was doing in the transfer market. Given our manager is O’Neill, we don’t have a prayer. Obviously we don’t have even the slightest chance of finishing in the top 4 next season. Perhaps when some of you catch up and realise that finishing higher than 8th isn’t going to happen, you too may wake up to the fact that O’Neill isn’t up to the job. Unless the job is to keep fans with no ambition, and who are happy with mid-table medicority (and not even the laughable consolation of the Europa League), happy…

  • Albarnista you have just summed up how ill informed and uneducated you are in one post. Thank you becuause it saves the rest of us having to post a reply and we can all have a good laugh at you. However, I take your lack of response to where your season ticket is, or even how many times you go to Villa Park, as an admission that you are not even a fan at all. Find your rock fella and get back under it and leave this site to Villa supporters.

  • I think it is a very good article, not surprised in the least to see so many having ago at 48 though, he has of course sad something bad about the messiah, hang him, hang him!!! The fact is as 48 rightly says, finishing 5th is a good achievement, and O’Neill has taken us there full credit to him, heres to many more seasons of the same etc. I think 48’s point is that some are questioning aspects of O’Neill’s managerial ability and are then hounded by the MON is God Squad, with silly statements such as “Villa have never had it so good”, er we have. 5th is great, but we have had better seasons, FACT. That is the fact, cannot argue with it. Its FACT. However, we have had a good season, not the best ever in the history of the club, but a good season non-the-less.

  • Agree with that post jonah. M’ON musn’t be held up as some managerial God until he has done something to be worthy of that status. He has though made year on year improvements to a club that was on the verge of relegation. We must now not be frightened of stability. The attitude of some, seem to want us back in the 3 year manager cycle that was the norm under the Ellis years.

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