Date: 11th March 2019 at 7:40am
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Aston Villa took a good three points from Birmingham City on Sunday but as we all know the football is not what will (or has) taken the headlines.

A mindless piece of dumb behaviour from what I won’t call a Birmingham fan (my Dad is a Bluenose as are many of my family and I know they won’t want to be associated with that utter **** either) has left most pretty shocked and it does mean unfortunately we aren’t discussing the spirit Villa showed or giving the right amount of credit to match winner Jack Grealish for his own reaction.

Having been fouled early on in the game (entirely expected) the match did lull after that for a period, as to their credit and understandably, players on both sides seemed shaken somewhat.

I think the following set of images sum Jack’s mental strength up appropriately. Gary Lineker (given his disciplinary record) used to say the best way to get revenge was to make it count.

It seems Jack had an idea.

He kept that idea.

I’m assuming he likes it when a plan comes together.

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