Date: 6th October 2018 at 5:05pm
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Aston Villa

The Den


6/10/2018 3:00 pm

Attendance: 14491

Referee: Harrington

Millwall Aston Villa
Ferguson (26), Elliott (48) Abraham (7)
Amos Nyland
Romeo Bree
Wallace Tuanzebe
Cooper Hutton
Meredith Taylor
Wallace Elmohamady 66
Leonard Bjarnason
Williams McGinn 69
Ferguson 89 Hourihane 87
Gregory Grealish
74 Abraham


Archer Whelan
Bradshaw Lansbury
Webster Hogan
Tunnicliffe Bolasie
Morison 74 Kodjia 66
O'Brien 89 Bunn
Skalak Adomah 87

Game Statistics

18 Goal attempts 6
4 On Target 3
9 Corners 4
13 Fouls 10
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
38 % 62

Oh for the distraction of football – fresh from the departure of Steve Bruce and his coaching staff, a familiar face in Under 23 manager Kevin MacDonald took caretaker charge of Aston Villa once more as we headed to The Den and Millwall earlier today.

Was it going to be third time lucky for a man who has never been sure if he actually wanted the job?

Well, in short, no – but was anyone expecting any different?

Millwall dominated everything that counted and pretty deservedly took all three points, okay we had far greater possession but I’m not sure KMac managed to get the message across that the players are both capable of, and should be encouraged to, do something with it rather than faffing around at the back like they were all new to the game.

Then again it seems it’s a fair consensus that KMac may as well have stayed at home given he had no discernable effect on the performance, we may well have just had a video of Steve Bruce on repeat for all the difference it made.

Meh and double meh.


13 Replies to “Another Utter Shambles But Are Any Villa Fans Surprised”

  • If anyone had any doubt as to the scale of the problem Bruce has created and the managerial nous and experience required to fix it…Oh sorry Merse, we’re only a few points off and everything’s groovy and about to turn the corner….honest. Us annoying payers of your excessive wages should just shut up and let you wonderful pro’s do your marvellous jobs without question or criticism….hic.

  • The current bad. The future claret and blue. This year was always going mesyy. Villa needs time to heal. Bern a crazy few years.

  • To be honest I didn’t expect anything else, it takes more than 48hrs to wash Bruce out yer hair,
    Saying that k-mac did himself no favours with the choice he made, but he proberbly didn’t want to rock the boat to much before the new manager comes in…..
    I certainly don’t think Henry is the right choice at the moment, we need someone who can steady the boat and change things around…..a manager new to the game is ok when you’re flying, not sinking.
    Brendan Rogers fits that bill perfect at a push Dean Smith.

  • Last night I had a run through the full squad (minus those loaned in) and came to the conclusion that if I had a free hand I would shift on fourteen come the end of the season and bring in around seven. The concerning aspect about the exercise was the fact I was not really digging deep or being that radical. That sums up where I feel Bruce has left this squad I’m afraid.

    With Bunn, Steer, Hutton, De Laet, Elphick, Richards, Whelan, Jedinak and Lyden in their final year of their deals and players, such as Gardner on the periphery, it is easy to foresee big changes. Of course, a couple of the younger players might be offered extensions, but Bruce’s insistence on experience (until told otherwise by Sawiris and Edens) has left an unwanted legacy.

    Whoever takes the reins next needs to be a clever team builder (and re-modeller) in order to sort out the mess. The reliance on loan players was due to limited available transfer funds if you were to listen to Bruce. In reality, the temporary additions were agreed last season and this has been due to many permanent signings either not performing or not being fancied by the manager.

    Clearly the defence has been shorn of experienced options in key areas, but equally the midfield balance is hard to achieve too. I actually think MacDonald tried to address this issue today. The challenge is, in my humble opinion, accommodating Grealish as the free man behind the forward/s, whilst also trying to fit in Hourihane and McGinn. None of these players suit the holding/pivot role, so we have four players in the middle and none of them fit the wide births. Today, Kevin Mac. went with a winger and one forward plus the four (Bjarnasson in the holding role). It is a difficult conundrum to solve and simply has not been given enough thought in the past, as Bruce never appeared to recruit to any defined plan.

    Longer term, what do we do with Tshibole, McCormack, Steer, De Laet, and Gardner? How do we integrate the better youngsters? Do we integrate them? A lot of questions and challenges for the new man to sort out whilst also trying to do the day to day job and get us quickly back on track. He’ll certainly earn his money if he can solve this lot.

  • Terrible display again! Grealish was ponderous on the ball and took for ever to do anything (other than fall down) and is our keeper chained to the post? One if not both of the goals would have been prevented if he’d just get off his line and command the box.

    As for a manager, Henry might be inexperienced, but he might work if he had a part time mentor/consultant to guide him. Any one know what Arsene Wenger is up to?

  • Rodgers, Moyes, McCarthy, Pardew, All from the same dinosaur school as Bruce. Give Henry a chance.

  • Nothing to do with KMac – you cannot coach a team in 48h. We are where we are due to the inadequate coaching of SB and his team over the last 2 years. I watched the -23’s last night. They put 8 past Bristol City in what was a superb demonstration of real football. They did it without their coach ( KMac ) quite simply because they all knew what they were supposed to do, they had a game plan and they were fully committed. All of the things that the first team are unable to do. KMac and Mark Delaney have done a superb job – we now need 1st team coaches who can do the same. Worth noting that O’Hare scored 3 last night – one of SB’s biggest mistakes ( among many ) was not giving him more opportunities, he is a great talent – at least as good as Jack Grealish.

  • The Legacys gone (SB) but is still in the unbalanced team first no defence at all.
    “wanted “coach like Nuno who shipped out the dead wood defence FIRST
    And built from the back.
    Forsenca ,Smith, Garcia, would start there first,because SBhas left this club in total chaos
    structurally Sawiris Eden, get a continental coach and totally rebuild the defence in January
    Until you do,this is survival not promotion.

  • Give Henry a chance. I think the players would respect and play for him. Frank Lampard has no managerial experience, but he doing a good job at Derby. Stop hiring dinosaurs. Henry would be like a breath of fresh air, he has the contacts in England and Europe, and hunger that is needed to move Villa forward. This nonsense about lack of experience is bullshit.

    • Agreed. Just imagine what he could do alone to our strike force. Also worked with Belgium squad who were unlucky not to win world cup. Only France stood in their way.

  • Saw Leeds v Brentford , fast direct football , players running at defences , into spaces , Brentford had two 20 year olds in defence … look at us , slow , methodical , players out of position and out of form , 3 shots on target and our wide players bought on after 60 minutes because that what it says in the book.
    Really do need to shake things up , most Villa fans could write our match reports before the game, we have become boring , predictable.
    We have the players but they need serious coaching , forwards needs to know they will get service , our midfield and particularly Jack need to learn how to shoot, our defence need to play on the front foot rather than the soak up pressure mode we play.
    With the players we have we should be easily seeing off the likes of Preston and Millwall .
    I hope the new broom is positive and is announced ‘Soon’

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