Date: 12th July 2018 at 3:00pm
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Aston Villa winger Andre Green takes the headlines today following his interview where he talks about pre-season, the new campaign ahead, his own fitness and whether he expects the club to fold over the summer.

The last one is a joke, is it too soon?

With the players still out in the Algarve in Portugal working hard on their fitness levels ahead of Villa kicking off our pre-season game schedule this summer, Green is back and working hard after what should’ve been his proper breakthrough year in 2017/18 was interrupted by injury.

Speaking to the Official Site Green’s clear aim for the year ahead is to stay injury and niggle free and build on the games he did manage to take in last year where fans did start to pay attention to him, believing he could be the next big kid out of the Academy given his early promise.

The full screed can be read on the above link. The most salient point really I think is.

“This one is more important than ever for me personally. A year ago, I felt preparations for the campaign here went well. That then showed when I appeared in all of our six opening games of last season. The goal against Norwich City at home was an obvious high point. Then, in the goalless draw with Brentford just a few weeks later, that momentum was brought to a halt. I limped off with a hamstring problem and later had surgery that would leave me sidelined for months.”

He went on to talk about his natural fears when he was building himself back up and his enjoyment at getting back out on the pitch with the Under 23s towards the end of the year – we lifted the Premier League Cup don’t forget. But now it’s all eyes to a second bite of the cherry.

“I’m finally feeling good in myself again and can look forward to the season with some optimism. It’s tough going, but for sure we’ll now be ready for the upcoming friendly games and the start of the Championship season.”

That’s all the fans care about, despite ongoing concerns.

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8 Replies to “Aston Villa Winger Is Feeling Good – Some Fans Hope It’s His Year”

  • This heavy reliance on youth could damage a good few. Pressure too young can be good, but for most too much to early breaks you. Fans expectations at villa is a scary thing

      • Jack is premiership. How many youth come through. Minimal. Not all horses become thorough breds. Pressure is a dangerous thing.

  • Look at England squad, totally dillusional. Way to young a squad. The minute they played a good team they lost. Belgium Croatia. How they got to semi was fluke. Southgate is a crap club and country manager. Way out of his depths. Get Wenger as new England manager. Youth and quality experienced is key to a balanced squad.

    • A complete tangent from the original article but absolute nonsense nonetheless. Huge progress for the national team, cleared out the deadwood players who were involved on merit and gave a far more exciting and unknown team a chance, we could definitely take a leaf out of that book. With the restrictions we will have next season there is going to be a lot of sink-or-swim for the young players but I absolutely feel that’s the best way. Look at Gary Gardner, once had huge potential but has been a perpetual fringe player because he never got thrown in at the deep end. Young players are far too mollycoddled.

      And – as hugely irrelevant as it is – thoroughbreds are born thoroughbreds, they bon’t become them.

  • Prince wil. Think you chatting nonsense. England won’t get a better passage to have gotten to final. If they had beaten Belgium do you think they would have gone this far? How many youth go on to become prized assets, from my calculator villa have about 4 every 10 years. The rest are duds.

  • Coddling youth? Some of these guys are in their 20s! Last year we relied on purchases and loans to get us promoted. We understandably didn’t appear to want to expose too many of our ‘youngsters’ to that pressure. This coming season, whether we like it or not, is the year for them to define their whole future careers. In fact the future of Aston Villa could be theirs to define. I’m looking forward to the season, it’s going to be fun. So let’s get behind whoever puts on that shirt and share the ride with them.

  • Totally agree, Andy. And so an even younger France team WIN the W Cup. Good enough, old enough, always. That should not be a matter for discussion – it’s already been proved the case at Villa and countless other teams. How many of our current crop are good enough is the issue and, more pertinently, is Bruce the man to recognise which ones and help them achieve their potential? What is clear is in our current predicament, we need to find out by giving them the chance, and a bit of patience and time to grow. The likes of Lyden, Bree, Davies, and O Hare make me hopeful. RHM and Doyle Heyes need a chance to show what they can do too.

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