Date: 4th April 2006 at 1:40pm
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With Ranieri linked to Villa, I thought I’d ask Merlin at the Vital Chelsea site what he thought of all the idea of the tinkerman moving to Villa!

1) So, Ranieri has been linked to sleeping giant Aston Villa. Could he wake us up?

Difficult question that one. Ranieri came to Chelsea soon after we’d just won five trophies in two seasons under Gullit and Vialli. He wasn’t received very well at first but after we’d gone a couple of season’s without winning anything he suddenly found himself to be well liked. He has a good pedigree of turning around small clubs, not that I’m calling Villa small, but the success tends to come after he’s left. Both Valencia and ourselves went on to win top flight titles. His methods are certainly interesting but he could be the one to stir Villa into life, there again he could mirror another ex-Chelsea manager, Gullit, who was a major failure at a second English club, Newcastle.

2) Would the original ‘tinkerman’ be able to cope with having a squad so small that there was nothing to tinker with?

It was only in his last season that he had a large squad. In the season leading up to the takeover by Abramovich Chelsea had no money to spend and a squad that was stretched due to injury and old age. His only signing was a free signing in the form of Quique De Lucas who hardly set the world alight. The tinkering only came when he’d spent wildly in that final season, some likened him to a kid in a sweet shop unable to resist anything.

3) How do you think he would get on with Herbert Douglas Ellis? No one else has ever managed to last long, what would Claudio bring to the party to suggest he could last?

If he survived for three / four years with Ken Bates he could, using his good nature, last with Ellis. You have to remember that Bates is a chairman who promised both Gullit and Vialli jobs for life after they’d ended our barren run only to sack them shortly after. He’s a genuinely nice guy who, after a sticky start, worked well with the media.

4) Should Ranieri have been given more of a chance at Chelsea?

Difficult! He finished second in his final season and got to the Champions League semi-finals. At most clubs that would have guaranteed him at least another three season’s. However, it has to be remembered that he was always living on borrowed time, his biography entitled Dead Man Walking is testament to that. New owners like their own people in charge.

5) Could we not have Mourinho instead please!?

Someone will get him, why not you? Despite the announcements that he is staying at Chelsea there is this wave of rumour that suggests otherwise. Personally, I hope he does stay for another ten years. He’s that good despite the current press campaign to slur him.

6) With your knowledge of Ranieri, what is your opinion, would he succeed or fail at Villa?

Let’s just say you wouldn’t be looking anxiously over your shoulders at West Brom and Birmingham thankful that you’re ten points ahead of them. Who knows, the UEFA Cup may be a viable target next year.

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11 Replies to “Chelsea Fans Opinion On Ranieri”

  • If he cant succeed with the squad he had at Chelsea, how the hell is he going to do well with our squad? For me, Ranieri is a big no no!

  • Soccerstef, depends what you call succeed. He qualified for Europe every year and in the year we were skin managed 4th. So by Villas current standards he succeeded very well. If you looking for a league title he¬ís not your man, but is that realistic expec

  • As a true BLUE, many of us feel that after getting us to 2nd and into the semis in the ECL, he was worth another season. One must remember that in his final season, he was dead man walking. From the moment the season had started, he was on his way out, ye

  • He was superb at Chelsea, but i dont think he could cope with the Villa. The place is TOO middle of the road and lacks desire. Would take more than the tinkerman to put Villa back on the map, you will need a new Manager, a new Chairman, and some new blood

  • Terence says it all, however how high do we set our sights as fans after the last 18 months. Would being in the shake up for European football do for a couple of seasons or would that be unrealistic. I think a new manager with new ideas and impetus could

  • Not my first choice but hey, not a bad one either. I would think that with our current squad he’d have us in the top 8, which right now would be very welcome. It’s not that I lack ambition but without Abramovic type investment, we need to build a good s

  • Surely there has to be a lot better options out there than Ranieri? Personally he’d be way down on my list, so way down he wouldnt even figure. I just think though that until Ellis is history, it wouldnt matter who (if anyone) replaced O’Leary, success wo

  • He was never given a chance by Abramovic. Even if he’d won the premiership he’d still have gotten the elbow. Roumor has it that Sven was choosing the players they bought in anticipation that he’d be the new manager. Can’t imagine that he’ll do a whole lot

  • Was quite bouyed by the Chelsea fans comments, but then again, this is only press talk at the moment, I guess we need to wait for DOL to leave before talking about the next poor bugger to take on Doug!

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