Date: 16th January 2007 at 12:38pm
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The Club have set up a survey asking fans if they want a new club crest or not.

This follows on from Support Consultation Group meetings and now leads to the questions being put to the wider fan base. Our latest poll asks the same.

The Marketing Manager is keen for feedback and a fuller explanation from the official site follows:

Momentous events over the last six months mean Aston Villa Football Club is now at the dawn of a new era.

The arrival of a new owner and chairman in the shape of Randy Lerner, allied to the appointment of Martin O’Neill as manager means we can look to the future with renewed optimism.

Talks with fans have already begun on a wide number of issues and we’ve launched a Supporter Consultation Group (SCG) to ensure we work together for a brighter future.

Now we’re giving our whole worldwide fan-base the chance to have a say on the issue of a new club crest.

Do we want a new crest? What should it look like? What should it say?

We’ve launched a survey on e-global panel and we want you to share your views.

New Chief Executive Richard FitzGerald told the official site: ‘This is a fresh start for the club and the chairman and board are keen to liaise with supporters on as many key decisions as possible.

‘General Krulak has already been instrumental in setting-up the SCG and department heads are currently addressing issues raised in the first meeting of that group. Now we want to hear from as many supporters as possible on this issue.’

Take part in the survey and you could win a signed 2007-08 home shirt – maybe with a new crest!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to have your say and help us shape a bright future for Aston Villa Football Club.

The survey closes on Friday January 26.


33 Replies to “Do You Want A New Villa Crest?”

  • would like to see the crest changed to bring in a new era, one without the stripes which have never really been anything to do with Aston Villa. I don’t dislike the crest as is, but LOVE the old round one and do like the one that used to be on the Trinity (shield)

  • i couldnt care….give us new players who will bring us success….if our crest showed the rampant lion eating a big mac it wouldnt phase me in the long as we have success 🙂

    gosh…i’m hungry now!

  • lol, not sure we need to go that far, imagine the lion glugging a can of coca cola wearing an adidas top!!!

  • personally I would go back some time and pick one that has ties to the club. Much prefer the old badge ’round version’. As I work in the design industry I know that people can go over the top and create a monster with new logotypes and identities like this so would be reeeaaallllyyyy cautious over the change.

  • Would love the old round one, and a star incorporated, yes, its against premiership rules, but man city have 3 stars in there “crest” and what the hell have they ever won.

  • People state “The Old Round One” bollox was it our badge, If people want the OLD then look at the Scalloped Shield, with the lion on it. The round one was a flash in the pan.

  • Have just received my e-mail re this from the club . has to be back to the old round crest but there again I am of mature years.

  • It’s got to be the round badge for me too. It’s what I was brought up on and we enjoyed our greater period whilst that was the badge. I think it looks cool on the shirt too!!!!!!!!!

  • don’t like clubs keep changing their badge, you lose some of the identity of the club plus in twenty years time people will say whats that tattoo of on your arm!!!!

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t want the round crest back? I think our badge, as it is now, stands out from the rest. And the old badge looks too much like Chelsea’s new badge (which they ripped off us, surely), me thinks.

  • the current one is ‘ok’ only in my opinion, just could never understand where the stripes came from and why!? I agree Dazza71, you don’t want to keep changing, but we’ve only had 3 badges in 60 odd years I think, can only think of the 3, so don’t think we are doing badly, the latest is the least ‘us’ again, just my opinion, not a massive deal just prefer the round design.

  • i think it would pretty cool considerin are moost famous and only outside birmingham fan is the future king!! we should get like a crown somwhere.

    ROYAL ASTON VILLA bit of class!! nice!!

    other than that anything but the round one cos we will get scorned for copying chelsea, even YES I KNOW it was our old badge but we will never hear the end of it from other non villa scum.

  • Certainly far from a priority to my way of thinking, but my own personal choice would be to return to the round crest.

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