Date: 22nd August 2006 at 2:26pm
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An article in the Birmingham Mail has highlighted the fact that Doug Ellis will leave Aston Villa with a massive £300 000 pay off to go along with the £21million (they say £25m, but my sums make it just over £21m for his share alone, not including his family considerations. The article also says he has 39% which again isn’t accurate, he has 33.61% + his family have shares).

So, why Doug? Why do you need anymore money? You’ve 21million thank-you’s in the shape of pound coins, isn’t that enough?

Now, I’m not sure about you, but IF I was in Doug’s position and leaving Aston Villa I would be looking at buying a player with some of the money I’d earnt as a thank you to the club and fans. Surely a MR ASTON VILLA would do that?

The offer document says: ”Under the agreement, Aston Villa has agreed to pay Mr Ellis £300,840 upon the termination of his employment, in respect of his contractual entitlements and in consideration for Mr Ellis agreeing to waive all claims he may have against Aston Villa and any member of the Aston Villa Group. Mr Ellis has also agreed to give certain confidentiality undertakings in favour of Aston Villa.’

Might be worth buying The Guardian tomorrow, I believe a report by David Conn might interest many a Villa fan.


14 Replies to “Doug Ellis – You Must Be Joking?”

  • This is a small price to pay to get rid of him, but typical Ellis 21 mil for himself is not enough, he has to take another 300 from Villa Park. To think thats the number I had in mind for his statue, shame we will have to shelf that idea for the moment!

  • Jesus! It’s simple is this one…Doug Ellis is an EMPLOYEE of Aston Villa, regardless of how many shares he owns, and therefore AVFC Plc are duty bound to pay him up, seeing as they are asking him to leave the employ of the Plc. How would you like it if y

  • David Conn wrote a great book on football finance, in which he was less than kind to Doug. Must get the Guardian!

  • Yes, but Ellis appointed himself to the job of Chief Executive when the last incumbent fled. So we pay him to lrave a job he gave himself?

  • Yes, he’s an employee you see. If you started your own business, or bought another one, and it became / was a Limited Company, then you’d be the same…

  • If Herbert had been employed by anyone but himself, he’d have been sacked for incompetence years ago!

  • Part of paying Doug off will include a confidentiality clause, which any new owner is likely to want. Randy obviously thinks its worth paying so, end of, really!

  • i see doug and steve stride both had a huge bonus while they were making all these cut backs at villa park…!

  • So, Herbert has taken a grand total of £5,286,358 from Aston Villa in the last 20 years and put in exactly nothing. I, on the other hand, estimate that I have put in perhaps £10,000 and have had back dividends of £14.55. I always knew I was stupid but its

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