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“Gutted” – Villa Transfer Decision Wasn’t A Kneejerk Reaction & These Fans Explain Why

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Following on from Aston Villa’s recall of highly rated Academy graduate Kaine Kesler Hayden from League Two side Swindon Town on Sunday, quite a few ‘reported’ outlets have claimed that it was basically the 19-year-old’s fantastic performance against Manchester City in the third round of the FA Cup that tipped head coach Steven Gerrard’s hands and led him to end a season long loan early.

That angle makes for a nice article that implies some kind of unique connection to a source at the club, or Gerrard himself, but anyone with an IQ over zero knows it’s total fabricated nonsense. It’s also a massive insult to Gerrard himself, painting him as somebody who doesn’t do his homework and makes snap decisions on the back of watching one of the many annoying broadcasters we now have in our ‘no longer quite so beautiful game’ who dictate their wishes over the true fans.

I remain pretty confident Gerrard has done his homework and leant heavily on the reports by Adam Henshall and Mile Jedinak (given they are tasked with looking after our loanees) and our recall request would’ve gone in ahead of the Manchester City game on Friday, but undoubtedly we allowed him to stay for that one just to see how he’d do against such quality.

He didn’t do too badly at all, as those of us watching will know, and much as I like him as a player, Kevin De Bruyne is still probably distraught after that fantastic tackle.

With all the praise going Kesler Hayden’s way, Swindon fans have certainly been won over and for those fans who haven’t followed his progress this season, this is what some of them have made of him.

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Loan To Championship

Loan To Championship

To Be An Option For Gerrard

To Be An Option For Gerrard
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