Date: 7th January 2007 at 4:58pm
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Lets not prolong the agonies, they are a different class to us. It is world class versus mid table class and to nearly come out with a draw was to be commended. Their midfielders are all worth around £15-20million each, ours would possibly fetch around £2-3million tops, so we can’t be too hard on them, especially the younger ones still learning their trade. At the moment we are slightly in limbo, as the team isn’t full of high quality players who can match the better opponents but we don’t have the meaner snarling hoofing players either. There has to be a transition and in the meantime we’ve just got to hope the current players keep showing willing and showing heart. Today they did that and deserved at least a draw.

I don’t like five across the midfield, especially in a cup game, but then I’m not the manager with all eyes on me and all the pressure. I can understand the theory of it but we aren’t equipped enough to use the wide men well enough to feed the front striker so I’d rather we stuck with 4-4-2 and had two strikers, one maybe just behind the other. That said, in the first half we didn’t have any strikers on because, unfortunately, Juan Pablo Angel once again didn’t show up, only time I saw him was in the first minute where he was outside the box, could have shot but passed instead, why? His control was shocking although to be fair he is never helped with some decent supply.

I’ve banged on about Milan Baros for a while and as soon as he came on we looked different, he was in place to take an Osbourne pass if only Osbourne had passed and not shot, that chance in the second half really should have been in. And then he took a chance when he got in the right position at the right time. Feed him the supply, he’ll score. No doubt we’ll see him sold in the next few weeks and we’ll be worse off for the fact as he is potentially our biggest star, then again, Villa have never handled their stars correctly have they?

This was a battling performance from Villa, the defence was solid and deserved far more for their efforts but I couldn’t help but think what a fantastic learning curve it was for Gary Cahill (20) and Liam Ridgewell (22). Sure they made some mistakes but they also made some very important tackles; as did Wilfred Bouma who I kept an extra close eye on after the indignation of my 5.5 rating for his Chelsea display. Sure enough, in defence he was solid and saved a sure goal early on from Shrek. Trouble is I’ve never said he can’t defend, I’ve said his distribution is woeful and that is surely part of his job? You win the ball back and then you get it to one of your players, if not the pressure come straight back on you. First half he passed the ball up front to no one,the ball came straight back and Villa were under pressure. Later he passed to no one and the ball went straight out, the ball was right back up our end and more pressure. Second half a great pass right across the pitch, trouble is there wasn’t a Villa player within 20 yards of the pass, ball straight back up…….. you get the picture.

Put simply, Villa fought like lions today but have to try to learn to hold the ball up not give it straight back to the opposition.

The pundits on BBC were forced to admit that Villa played well, begrudgingly obviously as they kept saying Man Utd hadn’t got into top gear without considering it might have been how we played that prevented them from getting into top gear? Admittedly Utd missed a few chances but a lot of that was due to the pressure our defenders put on them.

A return trip next week in the league, play like that again lads, maybe we might even have a new signing or two to play as well – hopefully not in the mould of the totally out of sorts Stiliyan Petrov though.

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Our prediction poll results, 29% said we’d win, 21% that we’d lose, 50% were sadly spot on with a loss.

Player Ratings

Gabor Kiraly 3
worked so hard saving from Rooney (might have been going wide) and Larsson, then blew it for us, such a shame but sod him off and play the beast.

Aaron Hughes 5.5
new right back required, Hughes is a great squad player but isn’t on song at all this season.

Gary Cahill 7
solid, a needless yellow and obviously he is going to make mistakes as he learns, but great prospect.

Liam Ridgewell 7
solid and forming a good partnership with Cahill, still learning, have to keep remembering that about these youngsters.

Wilfred Bouma 7
for defender, 4 for distribution. Still looks like he is getting there, far more lively than last season. Still says he looks more like Shrek than Rooney though, these things are important you know?!

Gareth Barry 7
solid display.

Gavin McCann 7
does what it says on the tin, still not great with distribution which does put the pressure back on.

Isaiah Osbourne 7
amazing for a teenager really. Sure, mistakes were made and he could have scored or probably gone for the easier option of laying it off to Baros for a sure goal, but judging by the quality of his opposition today, he was great for us. Still not ready for regular first team football though, this position so desperately needs quality re-enforcements.

Stiliyan Petrov 4
not at the races and for the money he has been awful this season. If he is injured then why is he being played?

Juan Pablo Angel 4
no service but also no control or … well anything really.

Gabriel Agbonlahor 7
fighting display, didn’t get that much chance up front but tracked back well and did try to use his pace.

Milan Baros (on for Angel 53) 7
great goal, good contribution KEEP HIM and keep him in the side!

Jlloyd Samuel (on for Petrov 66) 7
my mate, I like Samuel! GREAT challenge on Ronaldo, always nice to see the show pony left on the floor! I’d play him ahead of Petrov next weekend, give him a chance!


Manager Rating
Come on then Martin, get us some players, and let Randy show us the colour of his money!

Opponent Rating
65 and still not worn his jaw out from excessive chewing, amazing really.

So come on, agree or disagree with my ratings, lets be having yours then?!!

Extra Time
What is it with Old Trafford and extra time? The year they beat us to the title they had played something like 30 minutes more than any other team. Con-bloody-spiracy if you ask me, which you didn’t, so I’ll get off my box again!

Seriously, is anyone still reading this??!! ;o)
Just put on Led Zep, dazed and confused live, that should cheer me up….


26 Replies to “Heartbreak In Extra Time”

  • Agree with most of that Mr Fear. Bit harsh to mark Kiraly down so much for one mistake and not give him more for keeping us in it. main point though is 10 out of ten to the supporters. You all made me proud as I sat in the midst of Manure fans!

  • Kiraly- Poor for the goal and he never seems to come off his line!!
    Hughes-Better Performance
    Bouma- Very Good
    Ridgewell + Cahill – Superb
    McCann- Always good
    Ossie- Looked Good
    Petrov- Waste of Space
    Barry- Quiet
    Agbonlahor- Tired but ran and ran
    Angel- One word: Embarrasing
    Baros- Changed Game
    Samuel- Good

  • poor, below the standard average expected. That ‘mistake’ cost the game and was a school boy error surely? Harsh is my middle name though, well it is Gloria but lets not go into that!

  • Have to say I was impressed with Samuel he looked hungry.and was delighted with Bouma all the young’ns are quickly developing into an extremley impressive unit.Were always caught on the break due to awful distribution up front (Angel).Petrov is really letting down MON at this stage.McCann is an iron man.Last years late equaliser against citeh was much worse than today.

  • Dazed and Confused ? Heartbreaker, I’d have thought! The Bardsley deal looks done and dusted so expect Hughes to be shown the door in the summer. Cahill and Ridge were immense today and McCann and Barry were their usual solid selves. Angel & Petrov shouldn’t have bothered turning up. Agree about Bouma – good defender but gives it away cheaper than a Dutch tart. As for Baros – I’m still not convinced. Get rid, I say. Come on Mart & Randy: the great claret and blue rebuilding project starts now!

  • About SWP all they said was there was a rumour going around about him joining. That was it, not6hing to get excited about.

  • Spot on Mr Fear, Angel has lost it, why pay a player to run and run without anything constructive to show for it ??, Petrov not doing it (has he got it ?), Hughes looking like our weak link more and more and Kiraly is what he is, a coca cola championship keeper.

    Baros and Gabby should have played from the start in a 4-4-2

    Good display from the younsters though, especialy Osbourne, who is learning his trade very quickly.

    Overall a good battling display and quite organised considering who we were playing and where ! nice to see J Lloyd back, made a difference when he came on, hope he gets his chance now, he deserves it.

    As for Bouma, he will get better if given the chance to keep playing and he can stay injury free, quality player, just rusty at the moment.

    Here’s to the transfer window to see what we can get !!

  • On Sky last night it said 3 teams have had bids accepted, the clubs were Boro, W.Ham and Villa. We’ll just see!! Im just taking this from Sky!

  • The defence really seem to be gelling – aprt from the right back situation. I think even a fully fit Mellberg would struggle to displace Cahill or Ridgewell. With Sorenson back soon at least we are looking solid. We need two strikers on the pitch. Play Baros & Agbon until we sign someone else…samuel, barry, McCann & Davis/Hendrie in midfield and hopefully we can get the points on the board to AT LEAST stave off being dragged into the relegation dogfight

  • Phill Bardsley will be a good replacement for Hughes, he can get forward quickly aswell, he has been kept out the team by Neville (not really something to be ashamed of !!) so lets hope he fits in quickly with our back four and makes his mark in a claret and blue shirt

  • With the exceptions of Angel, Pertov, and Hughes (and Kiraly in extra time), I thought we did well. When one considers the amount of money and experience Man.U put on the pitch it should have 5-0. But Villa battled and made them fight for it. Men of the Match: Cahill, Ridgewell, and Osbourne. They are doing so well for a bunch of kids! I would mention Baros, but he might just be trying harder now due to interest from a club he thinks he should be playing for (my apologies to him if he is actually trying to win his place on the squad). Sell Angel to a Spanish club pronto-he was crap today.

  • Two thumbs up to the Villa fans who showed up at Old Trafford. Beautiful noise today-couldn’t hear the Mancunians on my tv!

  • Gutted. Good performence though, what is a real shame is that both Chelsea and Man U looked there for the taking. Juan Pablo Angel is atrocious, his first touch and distribution is shocking at best. Did anyone notice that Baros did not seem that bothered about scoring and Kiraly did not look that bothered about conceding the goal?

  • I agree with most, ecept 1. I think Kirally deserves better than a 3. He stopped one or two certain goals and I’m sure trying to hold his line for 90+ minutes against Man U’s “Alamo” attacking force of Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs & Co was just too much for a 30 year old reserve, Championship keeper. I’d give him a 6. Your valuation of our midfield of Barry, Petrov, McCann and at no more than £3mill apiece will no doubt be a surprise to most fans.

  • Fair comments, but the keeper deserved 3 more points for as much as he was to blame for the goal there was not a Villa defender withing a country mile of the goal scorer with the school boy looks.
    Take one point off each defender and pass a few onto Kiraly (please)

  • Agree with most of the posts. Kiraly isn’t up to it but I would give him a 4. As an ex-keeper whose career was cut short through injury (not because the manager said I was crap), I agree Kiraly is Dracula in disguise, they both hate crosses (boom, boom). Angel has lost so much pace and the only reason he’s staying in is that MON likes him as a target man. Baros is a 1000 times better on the deck. The SWP link. Isn’t the wages a problem though due to our wage-cap? Going to Old Tarfford next week and really looking forward to it after that performance. Come on MON get the cheque book open!!!!!

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