Date: 24th May 2009 at 12:19pm
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Is there to be a twist in the Gareth Barry tale?

The People today claim that AC Milan are turning their attention to Villa and England midfielder Barry and could push Liverpool out of contention.

The report also claims there will be interest from Manchester City and this could push his price ‘through the roof’. The report says they’d offer Barry MASSIVE wages (they quote £19million) and would offer us England defender Micah Richards as part of the deal.

They also link Arsenal, who were mentioned a few times last summer as well.

Surely Barry would only go for Champions League football not silly money? If it was just down to wages, then surely Villa could do a silly £100k a week wage offer as well?!? Thing is though, do we want our club paying silly money? Maybe, maybe not (blimey, I’ve turned into Indecisive Dave again!)

Not so bothered about his price (sorry Randy, it isn’t my money is it?!?!?!) but IF he has to leave, I’d love to see him move away from the Premiership, the thought of him in another Premier League teams strip fills me with dread, whereas I think most Villa fans would understand and accept (ish) him moving to the Italian giants? Then again, I could and often am wrong when it comes to reading the opinions of fellow fans…!


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  • If he were to move abroad, I think it would only be if he bought out his contract (something he CAN’T do if he moves within England). This begs the question, would it be a greater betrayal for Barry to do that and Villa miss out on a transfer fee, or for Barry to go to another Premiership side? A ‘preferred destination for Gareth Barry’ poll might be in order? Personally, I’d want him to stay, but if it came to it, I’d rather we miss out on a transfer fee and him go to Milan or Real Madrid (Spanish football would suit him down to the ground).

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