Date: 24th May 2006 at 6:18pm
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Villa have reportedly offered Jlloyd Samuel for sale at a ridiculously knockdown price of £1.5million in order to give David O’Leary some funds for team strengthening.

Read that again, if you don’t see the irony, check your pulse.

The 25-year-old left back is being linked to Charlton and as usual – if the reports are to be believed, we will be selling cheap.

A ‘source’ told the Express & Star: ‘Villa have put all their players up for sale but when you do that, you have to accept less and they will accept £1.5m for Samuel.’

Samuel is amongst a host of players that the club are willing to release and now the club have made it clear that they have no funds and will sell, you can guarantee that most will go at low prices.


9 Replies to “Jlloyd Samuel Goes Cheap Cheap?”

  • why not try samuel on the left sure he would have done a good job there given the chance.he has suffered due to his lapses in concentration in defence but on the few occasions that he went forward he looked ok.especially if barry goes as expected.

  • I’d say £1.5 million for a player who hasnt shown any sort of form in 2 and a half years isn’t a bad deal.

  • We might aswel sell him as he is showing no signs of returning to form of 2 seasons ago.

  • £2m minimum. We sell cheap and buy expensive. what worries me is that we will sell “deadwood” and get enough to buy O’learys targets but I am sure there will be more outs than ins, thus decimating the famously small squad

  • I see a lot of people saying that 1.5m isn’t bad. Who could we buy for 1.5m to replace him? It’s the same question with Hendrie. Selling these guys is probably the right option since they are not doing it for us but if we can’t buy replacements then what’

  • it will lower the wage budget, and o’leary can have a even smaller sqaud now so if we have another dreadful season he can say it was his fault again

  • He’s over paid and been one of our worst players over the last 12 months. I’d rather free up the wage bill to pay the better players.

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