Date: 7th June 2009 at 11:21am
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The News Of The World have an ‘exclusive’ saying that Aston Villa want Michael Owen.

Strange really, because the People have the same story. Maybe it is a mutual exclusive?!

Ho hum.

News of the World reporter Chris Bascombe says that he’ll have to take a pay cut of £70 000 in order to get his career back on track. That is Owen having to take the pay cut you understand, not the reporter..!

The 29-year-old former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker is out of contract and according to this report Randy Lerner has already made contact with Owen’s agent. Is that the way Villa do business? Don’t think Randy is hands on like that, it would be more likely to be Paul Faulkner making this sort of contact. Details..!

Everton are also linked but as an ex Liverpool player, Owen is reluctant to move there apparently.

Spurs are also said to be interested and another report (Sunday Mirror) says that Italian club Roma want him.

The People reporter Alan Oliver is just as sure he is Villa bound and says Owen will turn down Everton to move to Villa.

They also say he’ll take a massive pay cut, this time 50%. Remember that isn’t such a big deal because when they move on free transfers they also get good sign on fees!

Woohooo, we have a source! The paper say a source close to Owen told People Sport: ‘Michael is fully aware that Everton are interested. But he made his name with Liverpool and joining their great rivals is something he feels uncomfortable about.’

MON things partnering Owen and Heskey could resurrect Owen’s fantastic form as the player has already said Heskey is the best forward he has played with (or did I dream that?!)

If he is fit, he scores, it is simple as that, some say he is a spent force but he is only 29, if we could get him on the pitch – and remember there have been talk of how many Newcastle players get injured before now, so maybe there is something in the training that has worsened his problems? Big gamble fitness wise but the guy is world class and scores for fun.

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Meanwhile The People say that Spurs are ahead of the chasing pack for the signature of former Manchester United great Ruud van Nistelrooy (anyone remember my ‘exclusive’ linking us with him last year? LOL, what fun! His wife was spotted in Aston checking out the boutique Matalan!) Anyway, apparently Real Madrid are set to offload him for as little as £1.25m. He might be 32 but I bet he still knows where the goal is?

16-year-old Austrian striker Toni Vastic says Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers had scouts watching him this weekend. Does he mean cub scouts or club scouts?

The youngster, who players for Linzer’s academy, said: ‘Both clubs are really impressive. In England, you can get a chance to prove yourself much earlier. We have already talked about the possibility of my whole family moving to England.’

More reports linking Villa with an Olof Mellberg return. MON has already dismissed this but they are saying the 31-year-old bearded wonder might be offloaded from Juventus just 12 months after moving there on a free.

West Brom’s Swedish international Jonas Olsson says he isn’t angling for a move following interest from Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers. He told the Birmingham Mail the quotes in the press were not correctly translated from an interview he did in Sweden. ‘I never said anything about wanting to leave West Brom. What I actually said is that once you’ve tasted the Premier League, you want to keep playing there. I have heard there are a few clubs discussing my name but I leave that to my agent, Martin Dahlin.’

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20 Replies to “Michael Owen To Villa + Other Transfer Talk”

  • You’re on the ball this morning Mr Fear ….. Owen to Villa !!! should we really be happy about that ? 🙂

  • gappy65 I like that idea. I think that would be the only way I would like owen at VP.

  • krfeskivialla i completely agree. i was getting ready for a comment like tht when reading but i saw it was already there! big name players will be good for the club. On a pay as u play contract we cant lose. A name like owen may also influence somebodies choice if they get interest from an everton or villa like club.

  • Sod how much he is on a week if we want to get into the top 4 we have to pay top 4 wages,Thats the way it is.

  • if this is leaked via a fax from mr oneils office its a Mart move.. the deductions in wages will send out the ‘ I want to play footbal-not for money’ message that gets thrown around every now and then- could be good for both parties, a clinical finisher and world class talent on a free, with something to prove and on 50,000, which still seems stupid money to me but alot better than 120 big boys!!. Id still prefer a gamble on huntlaar and doyle though.Owen in a villa shirt

  • Lets stop dreaming. He will want one last payday like Barry. Manc city will more than likely get him. F@#kin assholes. If im wrong and Owen wants to prove himself then ill eat my words and fair play to him, but it seems unlikely.

  • Honestly can someone please give me at least 3 examples on players on a pay as you play contract??? Honestly, every time his name is mentioned on this website 3 or 4 people suggest that! It just does not happen – especially for a player of Owens calibre. If I am proved wrong however, can I suggest we put Friedel on a pay-per-clean-sheet contract, Gabby on a pay-per-goal contract and NRC on a pay-per-keep-the-ball-when-on-a-dribble contract??? We would certainly save some money!

  • agree deano, no such thing as a pay as you play, only thing maybe you could get is lower wages and appearance bonuses etc but even then, in this day and age? Doubtful!

  • lois saha and ricardo fuller are the only ones ive heard of. i reckon if he comes to villa we have the best medical staff around i think villa will be seen as a club to be at right now for any player and the prospect odf playing with heskey again for him will be too much to resist i also think sturridge will come aswell as he can play wide left and we know how much martin likes his versitile young english flair the future is claret the future is villa!

  • Daily Star just put up a link: MARTIN O’NEILL has lined up a £5million raid on Spurs for Scotland international Alan Hutton. They say MON wants competitionfor Luke Young at right-back

  • Hutton, Jenas, Huddlestone, Bentley and Bent all linked to Villa in the papers. Reo-coker, Carew, Young, Shorey and even Barry were linked to Spurs. Maybe we should trade squads and make life a little easier for the pathetic writers in the papers. Can they really think of nothing better than them? If they want to get people believeing what they say and buying the papers then make a fake yet believeable story up saying ‘Villa offer Reo-Coker and Heskey + £50M for Lescott, Jagielka, Cahill, Arteta and Yakubu. I’d buy the paper then!

  • Also I think Micheal Owen would be great for Villa. Reduced wages with a signing on fee would suit Micheal, put him on a lighter training regime like Laursen had and we would get a good 2 or 3 years out of him. Young, Milner, Carew and whoever else we buy in around Owen would create him more than enough chances. You give Owen 5 decent chances and he will finish off atleast 2 of them! Sign him up! If he could turn Gabby into a goal scorer with his experience then wow! what a player gabby might be one day! sign him up!

  • krfeskivilla totally agree he’s still a fantastic player and his goal ratio is second to none. could be some partnership going there and a big name early on to spell out our intentions and create some positive vibes around the place get people buzzing and the excitement going. SIGN HIM UP. also essential we don’t lose out to rivals i.e. spurs everton etc.come MON RANDY get the MBNA card out!

  • Imagine what a fit Owen could do off Carew or Heskey with the service from Ash? Alan Oliver is a Geordie who is the Sky Sports go to guy for all Newcastle stories. If he says it’s on, it’s on. Agree that he can teach youngsters like Gab and Delfounso. Just Do it, MON!

  • i think MON had this all palnned out- he bought emile heskey as one part of the puzzle, and now he will complete it and buy Owen and we will be scoring 50+ goals a season. This MON is genius. ok jokes aside i wud love Owen at Villa i reckon it will be a great publicity stunt / coup if we pull it off.

  • apologies guys – should have a done a spell check before i pressed enter for my posting above

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