Date: 15th May 2006 at 6:04pm
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Right. Lets get something positive going here. We all know the doom and gloom, but Villa will survive Ellis and O’Leary!

Looks like James Milner could become a Villa player as early as this week. He might be the first and last player that we bring in before we sell anyone BUT he is a good player and will remain so for many years.

A source close to the club has hinted that the deal is all but rubber stamped, just a question of when it will be announced.

As for the rest?

Well, for all the problems, it could still be an interesting summer, there are bound to be some major re-shuffling of the pack following this season and although I’d have much preferred another manager to be doing that, it looks – unless something changes soon – that David O’Leary will be the man doing it.

A report in the Mercury yesterday said the board will decide the managers fate today although reports last week said they had met and voted to keep him, so who knows? A bit of clarity would be very nice and I think we all deserve an announcement sooner rather than later.

Some of the players will no doubt be hoping for a good world cup so the bids come flying in and with Doug saying that the manager will need to sell before buying, it looks to be the only way we’ll see any changes. Quite how that will build the squad I don’t know, but at least there should be plenty of rumours and articles to keep us going through the summer. Lets just hope – no matter how forlornly – that we also get more positive transfers than negative ones!


11 Replies to “Milner Set To Sign For Villa?”

  • The only way we bring in more is to sell Baros for loads. If we sell him for around 15 million we could get 4 or 5 good players.

  • Great signing.

    But if anyone tries to claim this is a “new player” I will kick them.

    It’s just an extra guy not lost to another club.

  • A very good piece of news, Milner is quality, young and oh yes wants to “play for O’Leary”

  • I’m particularly surprised that Roeder has presumably rubber stamped the deal, but hopefully, and I’ll only really believe it when he actually signs, Milner will be wearing the claret and blue next season. A bit of good news to kick off what could well pr

  • A good start to dealings if true but not enough just to get him in. After all we had him all last season and look at where we finished up, its going to take a lot more than signing Milner to sort us out especially with DOL staying 🙁

  • On the subject of Baros, if he ends up top scorer at the WC (as we all know he is capable of) he could actually bring in arround £15 million (if Doug holds out long enough – not sure that he has the bottle to turn down anything more than £7 million) With

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