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“Probably Unlikely” But Do Villa Need A Statement Signing This Summer To Announce Our Return

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Maybe this is more wishful thinking, but could this be the year where Aston Villa make a ‘statement’ signing to show the football world that we’re deadly serious about our ambition?

Writer: gmvillan

For us ‘older’ folks, we will remember the signings of Dean Saunders. and maybe even Stan Collymore. as the last of those ‘statement’ types in more recent decades. You could even argue that the signing of Steve McMahon in the early 1980s was a similar type of move, although he was coming into a team that had already won it all.

But at the given times, those players were considered at their peak and the very best that money could buy.

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I remember when Citeh bought Robinho, even though he was largely a flop, it underscored their spending power and ambition as he was viewed as the next big thing coming out of Brazil.

Given the path we’ve taken since NSWE have come in, it’s probably unlikely, but it would send a clear and strong message that Aston Villa is not content to be making up the numbers in this league, and we are prepared to push the boat out to achieve our aims.

Do We Need A Statement Signing?





Keep Jack, That'll Do It

Keep Jack, That'll Do It

Obviously, gm’s post started some discussion about whether or not such signings were statements given other clubs arguably had the best out of them before we brought them in, so if NSWE did go this route now it would be nice to get them first – however, the wider point is wouldn’t us keeping Jack Grealish again be equally as effective at sending that wider message?

It would for me.

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  • Gordon Knowles says:

    The villa need grealish he is villa if we let him go then that will show that we are PREPARED haha,to let anyone go.keep freakish and he will be but who attracts better players Smith is not the big well known manager to do the buying that not his fault by the way hope we keep Smith utv

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