Date: 25th June 2008 at 12:31pm
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According to a report in the Daily Mail today, Villa will hold talks with Spurs and England goalkeeper Paul Robinson this week as he looks to leave White Hart Lane.

Tottenham are apparently due to sign PSV keeper Heurelho Gomes. According to the report Spurs want £5million for the 28-year-old who we tried to sign when he moved from Leeds in 2004 (when David O’dearme was our manager). He ended up moving to Spurs instead for £1.5million after Villa apparently pulled out of the move.

Villa certainly need a keeper or even two as at the moment we only have former Arsenal shot stopper Stuart Taylor.

When we featured the rumour a week or so back, we got plenty of feedback from the Vital Spurs boys, here are some of their comments:

I feel sorry for Paul Robinson, he has been unfairly blamed for a freak goal against England, and is suddenly a calamity keeper. I feel his time at Spurs may well have come to an end, but I fully expect him to return as a great keeper, he is a strong charactor, who is a very good keeper, though one out of form and low on confidence, but if the whole world tells you you are useless for long enough you will eventually believe them………… oxfordspur

Take him. One of the worst GK’s in the league. Real Deal

He is a good keeper, he just needs second chance. Poncho

I think his decline had something to do with confidence, so it might be case of having a fresh start. But I think the real problem is that he is stupid. Most of the goals he concedes are down to his decision making. He makes too many wrong decisions, whether it’s coming of his line when he shouldn’t or staying on his line when he should. He has a sudden rush of blood to his tiny brain, comes flying out to the corner of the area and then he’s in a world of confusion. He’s a great shot stopper and can claim crosses well (if he gets in the right place), but this isn’t enough. A good keeper is a clever keeper. dickybran

Reckon he’d be good at villa, we don’t want him, but he needs a fresh start. BaleOut

He had a bad season but not a howler. So would any ‘keeper playing behind Dawson and Kaboul. I hope he stays at Spurs, he hasn’t become a bad ‘keeper overnight and played a massive part in us finishing fifth twice. His ‘mistake’ in Croatia was a one-off, a freak, it could happen to anyone and there was no way of stopping it. He could have taken a touch by why should he – he is by far the best kicker in the league. He made a mistake against Villa last year, along the same lines as Cech against Turkey the other night. He was lobbed Seaman-Ronaldinho style against Reading and that was it for club as far as big mistakes go – no different to Keane or Berba missing a sitter really. For England his only big mistake came against Germany in a friendly. The goal against Russia was not a mistake, he saved the ball and their player reacted more quickly than our slow defence on the night. Mac made him a scapegoat as he knew the media love to blame an England goalie for our failures. He is a great ‘keeper, signalled by the fact that we offered him a seven-year deal three years ago! He’s the Juande

I’d love to see Robbo do well and regain his england #1 status, but i really have lost patience with him at the lane. He’s definitly down on confidence and maybe that is all it is, but i think its time for him to move on for both his and the clubs good. Also, if anyone can get him back to form, its MON. He’ll certainly be a smart purchase if this ever happens. Dave the Yid

In chat rooms he gets slagged ,but i’ve never known him slagged at games ,maybe a few groans after yet another stupid goal conceded but nothing more,he had superb support at spurs and we even helped get him in the England team by constantly chanting at old Sven.Lots of things can be blamed for his demise but spurs fans aint one of them.Still he was good in his first season for us and if a move and a change got him back to his best he’d be good for ya,but on the other hand the very fact he’s gone from a spurs fan fav to a can’t get shot quick enough might say it all,don’t give it the ‘thats yid fans’ either coz you lot will be worse to him than we ever was if he carrys on finding new ways to concede goals. good luck anyway and i would certainly wish him well parklanebert

Just to add, Robbo found his form after being dropped and benefitted from playing behind King and Woodgate, looked a lot better. Yes his confidence has been shot to pieces but a rest and a new season could be just the ticket. He is, in my opinion, much better than James or Carson, but then I have watched him for four years and not the others. What people must remember is all ‘keepers make mistakes, look at Cech a few days ago and in the Carling Cuip Final, if he comes back this season he will be a much better player for it. If he leaves Spurs I hope he goes to Villa and not ‘Boro or where ever as he is good enough to play for a big club with big expectations. Although obviously I hope he remains our number one as I think he will ram a few people’s words down their throats. He’s the Juande

Sign him, and in years to come Spurs fans will look at him the same way Villa fans look at David James and wonder what could have been! azreal13

Take him please!Maybe MON has the man managment skills to help him get his confidence back,he obviously hasn’t the mental strength to do it himself,Spurs fans have been over loyal to Robbo,if he wasn’t former England no.1 that wouldn’t be the case i think,he cost us a hell of a lot of points over the last season and a half,his positioning for free kicks and distant shots have been appauling and his lack of confidence spread to an unexperienced back four,Dawson can shoulder some of the blame,but not Kaboul,thrown in the deep end,the kid got a baptism of fire. CoxintheBox